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Fetch and Gen Z: Driving brand loyalty with America’s technology-first generation

By Cass Balzer

March 24, 2024

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  • Known for their purchasing power, population size and affinity for all things digital, Gen Z has emerged as a sought-after demographic for marketers and brands.
  • Fetch, America’s Rewards App, is extremely popular with Gen Z. Nearly one-third of the app’s user base is under 25 years old, and the platform is the most-popular rewards platform amongst this age group.
  • The Fetch app succeeds in capturing the attention of Gen Z, allowing brand partners to drive results and build lasting relationships with this uniquely engaged demographic.

Brand marketers want to charm Gen Z – and the best way to do that is on the Fetch app. With a captivating social feature, personalized offers and opportunities to discover the hottest new products, Fetch, America’s Rewards App, has emerged as a top shopping app for this age group.

This generation of young people, enamored of social media, new technologies and peer product recommendations, is a sought-after demographic for brands across industries. Fetch artfully combines fun, savings and a bespoke user journey to meet the specific needs of this tech-savvy cohort. 

When brands want to build advocates within this uniquely engaged generation, they turn to Fetch. And, when Gen Z shoppers want to discover their new favorite product – and get rewarded in the process – they open the Fetch app. 

We tapped into, a leading mobile data and analytics platform, as well as our own shopper information to understand how and why Gen Z is flocking to Fetch.

Fetch enables Gen Z to Live Rewarded

According to, around one-third of Fetch shoppers fall into the Gen Z age category. Within in the app’s user base, Gen Z over-indexes when compared to the broader demographic makeup of the U.S. population. 

For those familiar with this generation, that won’t come as a surprise. Fetch enables shoppers to live rewarded – which is exactly what Gen Z wants. Of all age groups, Gen Z is the most likely to treat themselves with rewards.  The generation spearheaded “little treat” culture on social media, and the majority of consumers under age 27 report having a preference for “frequent small treats” over less frequent but larger indulgences. Fetch enables this generation to live their aspirational lives, rewarding everything from brunch with friends to SHEIN product hauls. 

Personalization, little treats and the ability to Live Rewarded: These characteristics make Fetch the most-popular rewards app for Generation Z, as well as the stickiest shopping app for the demographic.

App Stickiness Gen Z


Gen Z loves gamification – and Fetch has it in spades

Fetch Points power every facet of the Fetch app, incentivizing consumers to try products, add more to shopping carts and maintain relationships with the brands they love. Fetch Points add an element of fun to routine spending, providing a gamified experience for a demographic obsessed with interactive entertainment.

Fetch also recently introduced Fetch Play, a new feature designed to drive deeper app usage. Fetch Play enables consumers to earn Fetch Points by playing their favorite mobile games, like Monopoly Go, Clash of Clans, Candy Crush and more. Since rolling out in early 2024, Fetch Play has grown a dedicated following within the app. The feature is especially resonant with Gen Z consumers, boosting average app sessions and increasing the number of points earned. In fact, Fetch has more active Gen Z users than some of the country’s most popular mobile games, including Candy Crush and Among Us.

How Fetch compares to popular Gen Z games

With more Gen Z consumers in the app, brand partners have more opportunities to build lifelong connections with the sought-after demographic.

Fetch outperforms popular Gen Z apps

Gen Z loves Fetch. The platform is in the top five most-used shopping apps amongst Gen Z smartphone owners, ranking only behind platforms like SHEIN and Amazon. Fetch beats out Amazon in the number of sessions per user, and it sees more sessions per user than popular platforms like Target, Etsy, eBay and Depop – all heavy-hitting apps for the Gen Z audience.

Top Gen Z Shopping Apps 2023

The Fetch app also has a high open rate when compared to Gen Z-favorites like SHEIN, Temu, Etsy and Nike. In other words: If a 20-year-old smartphone owner has all of these apps, they’re more likely to use Fetch than the others.

Open Rates Popular Gen Z Apps

Fetch has a direct line to Gen Z shoppers – and it fuels brand success 

Gen Z’s exceptionally active presence on the Fetch app provides brand partners with the ability to connect 1:1 with this generation. CPG, restaurant and retail brand partners can directly engage the demographic group, creating in-app campaigns with purchase-based targeting to fuel success.

Notably, Gen-Z shoppers are more likely to try new brands and products than other generations, according to Morning Consult, a leading business intelligence provider. Brand partners have great success launching new products and lines with the Fetch app – and Gen Z helps propel those campaigns forward:

  • Axe launched their new Fine Fragrance collection on Fetch. The brand served high-value offers to Gen Z and Millennial men to drive trial and brand awareness in a saturated market. The result: A successful launch amongst a ready-to-convert audience who received offers based on purchase history.
  • PepsiCo launched their new and innovative Cheetos Popcorn with the Fetch app, targeting known popcorn buyers and flavor enthusiasts. The campaign yielded a strong new product presence with a verified incremental return.
  • Topo Chico Hard Seltzer leveraged Fetch to translate strong brand equity into a new product in the hard seltzer category. The brand successfully drove trial and increased awareness for the trendy new product.

Gen Z shopping habits align with what Fetch offers

Gen Z’s shopping habits are distinct from prior generations but align perfectly with what Fetch offers. This population is characterized by their digital-first mindset, a preference for personalized experiences and penchant for new and trendy products. 

This generation values convenience, social recommendations and authentic brand interactions, often relying on peer reviews and social media influencers to guide their buying choices. According to Salesforce, 70 percent of Gen-Z shoppers use social media to research products before making a purchase.

Fetch for Gen Z

With a strong desire for personalization and a preference for seamless digital experiences, Gen Z is reshaping the retail landscape and pushing brands to adapt to their unique shopping preferences – and Fetch has all the characteristics they prioritize in a mobile app.

How Fetch helps brands reach Gen Z

Gen Z needs an app that can do it all. Fetch has features that appeal directly to the needs and wants of younger consumers.

  • Live Rewarded: That’s the core mission of the Fetch app – helping consumers live their best lives through the power of rewards. Gen Z is uniquely in tune with “little treat” culture, making Fetch the perfect companion for the young shopper.
  • Fetch Social: Shoppers can search for and add friends within the Fetch app, then access an activity feed to see what their friends are buying. Fetch Social also includes a competitive leaderboard for users to see who in their network is the top point-earner of the month.
  • Personalized Offer Ranking: The Fetch app’s ranking algorithm serves up offers that users are most likely to redeem. Dynamic offers tap into shoppers’ purchase history and buying patterns to deliver personalized rewards with relevant brand recommendations. 

Gen Z shoppers open the Fetch app when they want product recommendations, to see what friends are buying and get rewards for everyday purchases. With opportunities for brand and product exploration, Fetch drives Gen Z customers into stores, then brings them back into the platform to snap their receipt. The daily-use app shepherds shoppers from product discovery through verified purchase, connecting CPG, retail and restaurant brand partners to high-intent and engaged consumers. 

Is your brand eager to engage with millions of Gen-Z shoppers? Get in touch with Fetch for Business today. 

Cass Balzer

Cass Balzer is a Senior Content Marketing Manager at Fetch.

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