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Introducing: Fetch Play, the new Fetch feature for a deeper app experience

By Team Fetch

January 25, 2024

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Fetch’s formula for success has always been simple: Turn user engagement and enjoyment into consumer action for brands. Now, the platform has added a new feature called Fetch Play, which is designed to give consumers more ways to earn rewards and have fun in the app.

Fetch is a consumer-engagement platform that makes shopping more fun – and rewarding. Consumers snap receipts of everyday purchases and earn points that they can use to buy items like gift cards. Fetch Play is an extension of the fun that Fetch brings to everyday shopping experiences.

Since rolling out in early 2024, Fetch Play has grown a dedicated following within the Fetch app. Shoppers who engage with Fetch play are getting rewarded 6,300 Fetch points, the platform’s in-app currency, per month. The feature is especially resonant with Gen Z consumers, who represent around one-third of the overall Fetch userbase.

While Fetch Play is still a new addition to the platform, it’s had a significant effect on in-app engagement. Here’s a snapshot of the feature’s immediate impact.

Fetch Play Updated Numbers

What is Fetch Play?

Fetch Play allows users to earn Fetch points by playing their favorite mobile games. The integration features popular games like Monopoly Go, Scrabble Go, Clash of Clans, Candy Crush and many more, bringing a whole new dimension of fun and excitement to the Fetch app.

Fetch Play encourages daily active participation. In addition to earning by snapping receipts, users can now also get rewarded for playing games anytime, anywhere. By driving engagement through increased options for rewards, this new offering fosters a stronger consumer connection with the Fetch platform and, most importantly, with Fetch brand partners.

Fetch Play UX

Why playing games on Fetch is a game-changer

The ability to earn rewards for mobile gaming via the nation’s top consumer engagement platform is a game changer for user experience and engagement. Here are a few ways the feature will elevate the Fetch experience for both users and brands:

  • More daily active users: Fetch Play is poised to substantially increase the platform’s daily active users (DAUs). This feature moves beyond the traditional shopping cadence model and incentivizes users to open the app daily for fun activities. Increases in DAUs are positively correlated with incremental sales lift for partner programs, as more users are impressed by your brand, products and offers. 
  • Entertainment-infused rewards: Gaming is more popular than ever. Fetch users will have a more fun and engaging user experience now that rewards are even more accessible and entertaining to earn. The current Fetch user base has <25% overlap with any one game, resulting in a significant opportunity for new engagement. Users also download 13 mobile games on average, inspiring a game-loving population to earn rewards for something they already enjoy doing.
  • Increased value for brands: Consumers who enjoy Fetch keep returning to earn rewards, and Fetch Play is another opportunity to keep user satisfaction high. Increased engagement and effective in-app offers can also improve offer lift and redemptions for brand partners.

Now’s the time to get in the game

Fetch is more than just a receipt-scanning app – it’s an entirely new kind of digital commerce platform redefining how consumers connect with brands.

While receipt scanning remains a core feature, the Fetch experience goes beyond mere transactions. Beyond Fetch Play, the platform allows users to interact with friends, compete on the rewards leaderboard and discover favorite new brands and products. Since launching, Fetch Play has helped users receive over 2 billion Fetch points. Nearly 1 million shoppers have tapped into the new feature, and over 70% of those shoppers return during their second week of playing.

By ensuring that there’s always something to do whenever someone opens the app, Fetch fosters a continuous loop of engagement, keeping users excited and brands at the forefront of their minds.

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*Numbers as of 2/13/2024, subject to change

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