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Improve incremental sales in a snap

With Fetch for CPG, you'll harness verified insights from billions of item-level receipts to deliver purchase-based offers that inspire the exact shopping behavior your brand demands.

    Utilize Fetch's precision to move incremental units where, when and with whom it matters most to win the battle over private label products.
    Engage millions of eager shoppers to boost share and buying frequency ahead of seasonal cycles. Drive precise spikes in volume, then fuel sustained growth over time.
    Personalized offers and media prompt shifts in shopping behavior, cultivating brand loyalists with point-powered incentives that drive trial and secure continued support.
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Making it happen:
Fetch Case Studies

CPG - New Buyer Engagement

Leading breakfast brand’s average weekly sales increased +5.6% during promo period

Fetch’s comprehensive cross-channel data and reporting allows us to strategically incentivize purchases and evaluate our results against several KPIs, making it easy to optimize accordingly.

Jayme Jansky Beck, Head of Omni-Channel Marketing at Unilever

Smart offers
for CPG brands

Fetch’s in-app offers are targeted based on verified shopping behavior and designed to drive precise business outcomes. Increase incremental sales, launch new product trials and more with Fetch offers.

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Marketing that
moves shoppers

Our in-app offers are powered by a suite of precisely targeted communications our partner brands can leverage to increase brand awareness, offer redemption and more.

Put your brand in more hands

With over $152 billion* in annualized retail sales data, Fetch will help you target offers and generate sales with unmatched precision. Request a demo today.