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Case Study:

CPG - New Product Trial

Fetch drove new product trial with current and new brand buyers

Business Issue

Breaking through a high demand, growing category

Fetch partnered with a leading brand within the personal care category to drive trial and volume for a new line of hygiene products. The brand recognized the hygiene line would face competitive headwinds due to the environment driven by Covid and needed a platform with extensive reach that could drive both awareness and sales.

Washing hands

Fetch's Solution

Strategies designed for the shopper’s purchasing behavior

Fetch created a dynamic offer program leveraging first party verified purchase data that could target the right consumer with the right offer to drive the desired outcome. Fetch ran a series of product line special offers with incentive values increasing during a second wave to drive awareness to known brand buyers.

Value & Results

Competitive brands experienced declines in sales since the surge in the category during the start of the pandemic. However, Fetch’s partner brand observed lifts in March 2021 and most significantly in June during the Fetch offer. Brand buyers contributed to 58% of campaign sales with an 11x redemption rate of non-brand buyers.


sales from brand buyers


bought more than 1 brand product


Gen X and Millennial buyers

Real-time insights, lifetime value

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*Source: data.ai