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How Fetch offers give brands a competitive edge

By Team Fetch

February 25, 2023

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Every day, millions of shoppers use the Fetch app to decide what to buy. The platform drives consumers to shelves with purchase-based digital offers designed to influence buying decisions and fuel incremental growth.

Fetch offers are the fastest way for consumers to earn in-app rewards, incentivizing redemption, purchasing and more. They’re also the best way for brands to connect with the millions of high-intent shoppers on the app. 

In leveraging zero-party data gleaned from the billions of receipts snapped in the platform each year, Fetch offers provide personal value and curate a unique experience for each user. This allows brands to efficiently and effectively support business objectives – and it keeps Fetch users coming back to the platform. 

Let’s take a closer look at how Fetch offers help power America’s favorite brands. 

Fetch User Testimonial

Fetch offers are powerful and precise

With sightline into billions of purchases across CPG, retail and restaurant verticals, Fetch helps brand partners craft offer strategies to target specific audiences with relevant and valuable rewards.

Fetch offers are dynamic

Here’s what makes Fetch offers so powerful:

  • Targeted: The Fetch app’s incomparable sightline into verified purchase behavior, retail preferences, geographic location and more support custom audience segments.
  • Personalized: Once the audience is segmented, Fetch analyzes shopper behavior to create strategic and targeted offers. By offering a specific incentive via Fetch offers, brands can drive positive incremental outcomes.
  • Dynamic: Offers that change in response to shopper behavior encourage repeat purchases and drive habituation. Brands can optimize offer variables, such as point value or spend threshold, to maximize efficiency and impact. 

How Fetch offers support business objectives 

With Fetch, brands deploy specific types of offers that align with core business priorities, like driving incremental sales, trips and share shift.

Drive consistent engagement and competitive share shift with micro offers

Micro offers reward shoppers for every brand purchase. They drive repeat purchasing, resulting in competitive share shift. This “always-on” offer maintains consistent engagement with consumers and drives greater customer lifetime value.

  • KPI: Increased share of wallet 
  • Example: A consumer earns 10 points for every dollar spent with a brand or on a specific product line.

Fetch Micro Offer User Interface

Personalized offers

Fetch’s strength in audience targeting allows brands to drive precise outcomes with personalized offers. A brand’s business objectives and goals determine which of the following offer types will achieve the best result.

Goal: Drive volume

Reward existing buyers for buying more while also converting non-brand buyers. These offers can be single- or multi-redemption.

  • KPI: Incremental dollars or units 
  • Example: A typical brand buyer purchases two boxes of fruit snacks. To encourage that shopper to buy more, the brand offers a reward when they purchase three boxes of fruit snacks.

Buy 2 Fetch offer

Goal: Acquire more buyers 

Retain existing buyers, convert competitive buyers and drive product trial among new buyers. 

  • KPI: Incremental users
  • Example: An existing buyer receives fewer points per dollar to incentivize and celebrate their ongoing brand loyalty. A new buyer receives more points per dollar, encouraging them to try the product with a higher incentive. 

Standard Fetch offer

Goal: Drive incremental trips 

Increase trip frequency among existing customers while convincing new customers to stop in. 

  • KPI: Number of trips or percent of incremental trips made
  • Example:  A user typically spends $4 per trip at their favorite quick-service restaurant, and they visit twice per month. That restaurant creates a progress bar offer of $16 for that month, which encourages the shopper to visit four times in that period. 

Fetch progress bar offer

With continued activations on the Fetch app, our brand partners see substantial incremental share and household penetration. Open your Fetch app for more examples of how each offer appears to shoppers.

Insider Tips:

  1. Gamify the experience through multi-redemption and progress bar offers to engage shoppers, drive incremental growth and foster brand love.
  2. Combine micro-loyalty offers with personalized offers to supercharge consumer engagement and build toward long-term value.
  3. Increase brand and product visibility with targeted in-app carousels and other brand placements. Fetch Media can result in up to 15% more offer redemptions. 

Join hundreds of America’s biggest brands activating shoppers with Fetch offers 

More than 650 brands are already crafting targeted offers in the Fetch app. Contact the Fetch for Business team today to learn how your brand can boost engagement and brand loyalty in a snap. 


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