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Fetch Media: More Precise, Impactful Consumer Connections

By Team Fetch

May 1, 2023

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  • Shoppers use Fetch every day to save on the brands they love. These customers earn Fetch points, which they can redeem for rewards like gift cards, sweepstakes and more.
  • Redeeming brand offers is the fastest way to accrue points in the Fetch app. But valuable shoppers can miss out on offers they don’t see.
  • Fetch Media supercharges brand campaigns in the app by targeting high-intent buyers with purchase-based communications. Brands can leverage in-app carousel banners, mobile inbox messages, push notifications, emails and social media to drive more incremental sales.

The Fetch app is America’s favorite way to save on the brands they love. Why? Because millions of shoppers are hungry for offers in the app that earn them Fetch points, the in-app currency that can be exchanged for popular gift cards. Over 650 brands are featured on the platform, all with offers our shoppers crave.  

Fetch Media helps power these offers, using purchase-based communications to target a brand’s most likely buyers. With access to a full suite of precisely targeted media communications, Fetch’s partners are driving more brand awareness, offer redemptions and incremental sales.

Fetch Media Funnel

Targeted and attributable performance media helps brands build lifelong consumer relationships 

Fetch Media leverages the same strong signal and precise purchase-based targeting as our offer programs to give consumers relevant and personalized communications. It’s how Fetch leads the industry in engagement. Seventy-six percent of active Fetch users buy products promoted weekly through our emails, mobile inbox messages, in-app carousels and social media – and they’re snapping more than 11 million receipts every day.

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The most successful brands on the platform tap into Fetch’s media solutions to drive awareness, stimulate product demand, conquest against the competition and more. Fetch can target precise audiences based on zero-party data including purchase behavior, geographies and retailers to ensure the right message gets to the right consumer at the right time. Since all activations are on the platform, Fetch can provide full-funnel attribution and results are verified. 

Fetch drives brand awareness, offer redemption and customer activation

Supercharge offer campaigns and bolster brand visibility with Fetch Media

Instead of using a one-size-fits-all approach to marketing communications, Fetch Media offers brands a variety of marketing channels, formats and features to maximize your business objectives. Our graphic designers and writers specialize in creating brand-aligned creative with a fun-loving, consumer-first approach.

Types of Fetch Media

In-App Carousel

Maximize visibility and engagement with a prominent feature on the primary front page of the Fetch app. Bold headlines and attention-grabbing imagery highlight your brand.

Pro Tip: Get the most impressions with in-app carousels.

Push Message Notification

Capture Fetch users with a clever, action-oriented push notification that highlights your brand, product or offer and sends them to the app to learn more. 

Pro Tip: Pack the biggest punch with simple, big benefit messages.

Mobile Inbox Message

Stay top of mind with a special message that sends Fetch users directly to your offer details or brand page in the app. Customize the hero image and offer details. This option gives brands the most in-app space to communicate with consumers.

Pro Tip: Reach users when they’re already active in the app and most open to influence.

Email Takeover

Make a statement with a branded email header, custom messaging and a call to action that sends readers to explore your product or offer on the Fetch app.

Pro Tip: Take advantage of our largest format to highlight your brand and products. 

Email Module

Promote your product or offer with a dedicated section in a Fetch email. Readers will see targeted top offers, personalized according to their purchase behavior.

Pro Tip: Reach our most engaged consumers–the ones who hunt for points in each email. 

Social Media Support

Engage consumers and showcase your brand and products through influencers, static posts and videos across Fetch’s social channels on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok.

Pro Tip: Highlight how consumers can use your product, shop your store or enjoy your menu item.


Fetch Media is a powerful tool that can help brands improve the incremental results of their offers on the Fetch app. Consumers are motivated by earning Fetch points, and buying brand-sponsored products is the quickest way to earn them. With Fetch’s media channels, brands can better reach their most likely buyers to maximize the impact of offers. Fetch Media’s full-funnel suite of tools can help brands drive brand visibility and mindshare, resulting in even better results for their offers on the Fetch app. 

Reach out to the Fetch for Business team to get your brands in more hands with Fetch Media. 

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