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How Fetch is Helping CPG Brands Grow Loyalty and Improve KPIs

By Team Fetch

May 23, 2023

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Today’s CPG brands face tough market challenges. They’re looking for scalable solutions that grow market share and build loyalty across all retail channels. For hundreds of CPG brands, Fetch is the answer. 

Here’s how Fetch is transforming the tactics CPG brands use to create more meaningful connections with consumers, drive purchase behavior and create lasting brand loyalty. 

Why shoppers and brands love Fetch

Millions of eager shoppers come to Fetch to decide what to buy and where to shop. Fetch rewards users with points, the platform’s currency, for snapping receipts in the app. They receive even more points when they shop Fetch’s partner brands and redeem offers. Shoppers can then exchange points for gift cards, merch, sweepstakes entries and other rewards. 

Fetch is a fast, easy and fun way for shoppers to earn more on every trip to the store, anywhere they shop. 

And for brands? Fetch is a powerful performance-marketing platform that leverages purchase data from billions of receipts to target high-intent shoppers with personalized offers and messaging. Over 650 brands in the app work with Fetch to launch new products, shift purchase behavior, grow category share and more.

CPG brands partner with Fetch to improve KPIs

Encourage repeat behavior with fun daily engagement 

The Fetch app is full of features and incentives to keep shoppers coming back – and to keep our brand partners top of mind.

  • Social features – shop and compete with friends
  • In-app celebrations – a different celebration with every snap
  • Personalized experiences – custom offers and messaging 

Fetch User Testimonial

Drive incremental sales with dynamic offers

Fetch offers are custom-fit for every CPG partner, allowing brands to achieve specific business objectives and adjust campaigns in real time to maximize efficiency.  

CPG brands use our purchase-based targeted offers to:

  • Launch new products
  • Conquest against competitors
  • Drive repeat purchasing
  • Expand market penetration


How Fetch Helps CPG brands: Offer tiles

Inspire lasting brand loyalty 

A variety of offer types in the app allow our CPG partners to create lasting purchase behavior, even after their offer campaigns are complete. 

  • Progress-bar offers encourage repeat purchases and discourage switching 
  • Spend-threshold offers build bigger baskets
  • Micro-loyalty offers drive regular brand buying
  • Clubs deepen loyalty across a brand’s portfolio of products

Analyze and optimize the consumer journey

Fetch shoppers submit more than 11 million receipts every day, and the SKU-level data Fetch captures allows our brand partners to influence the consumer journey from click to brick. They can create precisely targeted offers that arrive at the perfect moment.  

Fetch customer journey


  • Create awareness—consumers see brand offers in the app and in Fetch communications
  • Grow engagement—brands target audiences with offers designed to connect and reward
  • Convert and retain—brands achieve best-in-class Verified Incremental Return with direct attribution

Measure performance and maximize impact

Fetch Verified Incremental helps CPG brands evaluate campaigns with precision, then adjust offers in real time to maximize marketing spend and performance.

  • Measure performance with verified purchase data, not projections
  • Track in-store and online incremental sales
  • Adjust offers to ensure the greatest return on investment

Amplify brand impact with Fetch Media

Fetch Media for CPG

Fetch Media supercharges campaigns with hyper-targeted communications to a brand’s highest-intent buyers. Our CPG partners have access to a full-funnel suite of messaging: in-app carousels, mobile inbox messages, push notifications, emails and social media. 

  • Leverage the same purchase-based targeting that powers Fetch offers
  • Drive up to 60 million impressions with premium app placement
  • Deliver personalized messages throughout the consumer journey

Fetch powers America’s favorite CPG brands 

Hundreds of iconic brands partner with Fetch to connect with consumers, increase incremental sales and drive lasting behavior. Here’s how Fetch helped Topo Chico, PepsiCo and other top brands thrive.

Drive incremental sales in a snap

Fetch for Business helps CPG brands like General Mills, PepsiCo and Molson Coors harness verified insights from billions of receipts and drive lasting brand love with the Fetch app. 

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