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Fetch has helped me make my family’s Christmas amazing! I’m disabled and live on a very small budget, but this program has really made a great impact on me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Fetch is helping my family save money on groceries and pet supplies so we have more money to catch up in rent that we missed this year because my husband was very sick.

I introduced this app to my long distance boyfriend. Every time we are apart we scan receipts and earn points to use on dinner dates when we’re together! It makes us so happy to be able to go out.

Jayme Jansky Beck quote

“Fetch’s comprehensive cross-channel data and reporting allows us to strategically incentivize purchases and evaluate our results against several KPIs, making it easy to optimize accordingly.”


Head of Omni-Channel Marketing, Unilever

Usman Humayun quote

“This relationship is a win-win for our company and for our customers who use Fetch to earn rewards on grocery, retail and restaurant purchases.”


VP of Digital Marketing, Albertsons Companies

John Asalone quote

“Fetch has a large and engaged audience that is already looking to save and earn rewards while shopping, so working together helps savvy shoppers gain control over rising healthcare costs.”


Senior VP of Growth, GoodRx

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