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Power your restaurant brand with Fetch

Make guests crave your menu more often with hyper-targeted ads based on real world purchase behavior.


    See where your lapsed guests have gone and win them back with offers they’re likely to love.


    Look at item-level purchase data to identify the appetite for new offerings and make calculated menu decisions.


    Discounts can damage brand equity. Instead, encourage purchase behavior with Fetch’s fun, effective rewards-based platform.


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Restaurant - New User Acquisition and Engagement

Fetch increased monthly trip frequency by 33% for a major QSR restaurant brand


increase in monthly trip frequency

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Over 4 million 5-star reviews

Each month, 17 million people decide where to shop and what to buy using Fetch.

Did you know Fetch is available in Spanish? Our offers and messages are translated by our in-house globalization team and enjoyed by over 2 million Spanish speakers across the country.

Reach this growing, multicultural audience and grow your business by partnering with Fetch.