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How to get personal in a privacy-first adtech world, with General Mills’ KC Glaser

By Cass Balzer

August 17, 2023

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  • With Fetch, General Mills is able to maintain audience signal while complying with new data-sharing regulations.
  • General Mills can glean insights, adjust campaigns in real time, foster long-term brand loyalty and more with Good Rewards, the brand’s portfolio-wide digital loyalty program on the Fetch app.
  • As privacy regulations evolve, brands are navigating signal loss. Fetch solves this problem for brands like General Mills, providing a 360-degree view into consumer behavior within a privacy-first platform.

In a digital landscape marked by loss of advertising signal, General Mills is leveraging Fetch to get personal with their consumers. In July 2022, the brand came to Fetch to launch General Mills Good Rewards, a first-of-its-kind digital rewards program. 

Designed to educate consumers on the breadth of the General Mills portfolio, Good Rewards grew to over 2 million shoppers in less than one year, connecting shoppers with over 40 brands under the General Mills umbrella – Nature Valley, Betty Crocker, Totino’s, Pillsbury and more. 

With Fetch, General Mills can engage with consumers in both innovative and meaningful ways, delivering value and building lasting connections. In a recent Adweek webinar, KC Glaser, Head of Loyalty and Rewards at General Mills, sat down with Fetch SVP of Partnerships Jeff Lau. The two discussed how working with Fetch has allowed the brand to get personal – and remain impactful – in a privacy-first adtech world. 

General Mills can tap into data-driven insights – all without cookies

Insights gleaned from the billions of receipts snapped with the Fetch app empower General Mills to make informed decisions. The Fetch platform provides a 360-degree view of consumer behavior, both within and outside of specific retail environments. “We have the ability to see the consumer’s holistic behavior,” said Glaser. 

These insights facilitate hyper-personalized in-app offers, which are designed to shift purchase behavior. With Fetch, General Mills can tailor incentives based on individual preferences. Glaser noted: “We have the ability to target McDonald’s breakfast buyers to buy General Mills yogurt and cereal. This changes the conversation in a really meaningful way.”

Dynamic offerings bring agility to performance marketing

Amidst rapidly changing conditions and supply chain dynamics, the Fetch platform has enabled General Mills to remain agile and responsive. “We can be a lot more dynamic, change offers on the fly, change verbiage… while being as agile as we can as a business,” Glaser explained.

This agility translates into delivering timely and relevant offers to consumers, enhancing the brand’s ability to meet their evolving needs.

Good Rewards welcome user flow in the Fetch app

Tapping into a value-driven platform to create a loyal community

General Mills’ approach extends beyond mere discounts. The brand focuses on delivering both value and joy to consumers. Glaser emphasized: “It’s about creating meaningful solutions that solve consumer problems and deliver joy in their lives.” This value-driven engagement has deepened consumer loyalty and emotional connections. 

The Fetch app also introduces a social component to everyday purchasing, creating a sense of community and interaction among users. “It allows us to form a deeper bond with some of our partners,” Glaser noted. 

Performance-based offers enhance marketing efficiency

Fetch’s performance-based model is a key benefit to brands like General Mills. “We don’t actually pay Fetch until a unit moves,” said Glaser. “We’re not paying for impressions, we’re not paying for clicks.” This pay-for-performance approach ensures that marketing dollars are directly tied to measurable outcomes. 

Furthermore, Fetch’s ability to capture SKU-item receipt data has enriched General Mills’ marketing mix models. This enhanced visibility empowers General Mills to optimize marketing spend and provide actionable insights to its marketing teams.

Looking ahead with Fetch

As the partnership between General Mills and Fetch continues to evolve, the future holds even more opportunities for innovation and growth. Jeff Lau emphasized the ongoing commitment to user value and engagement. “We’re actively looking at how to make that experience better [with] more personalization and more dynamic offers,” he explained.

With Fetch, brands like General Mills can leverage new technology, drive engagement, build connections and navigate the complexities of the modern advertising landscape. Are you ready to get your brand into more hands? Get in touch with the Fetch for Business team to start delivering value to your consumers.

Cass Balzer

Cass Balzer is a Senior Content Marketing Manager at Fetch.

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