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Fetch Video: More engaging and entertaining consumer interactions

By Team Fetch

November 7, 2023

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  • Fetch, America’s No. 1 rewards app, is continuing to improve upon the user and brand partner experience with newly implemented video features.
  • With Fetch Video, the Fetch platform is doubling down on its power to drive product recommendations, brand discovery and long-term loyalty.
  • Fetch Video supercharges brand campaigns, consumer activations and more. Brand partners can leverage a variety of video formats and media placements for outcomes tailored to any business objective–from driving customer acquisition to increasing buy rates.

The Fetch app is America’s favorite way to save on the brands they love—and it just got more entertaining. Fetch Video gives brands another tool to engage and convert consumers.

Video marketing has become one of the most popular and effective ways to capture the attention of consumers across the globe. In the US, advertisers spent almost $75 billion on video ads last year. That’s 30% of the total ad spend on display worldwide. 

Fetch already helps 650+ brands connect with high-intent buyers by delivering personalized communications based on verified purchase behavior. Now, the platform is adding video to brands’ already extensive toolkits. Here’s what will be possible with Fetch Video—and what it means for brand partners.

Fetch Video will help brands engage consumers at each stage of the funnel

It’s not just snapping receipts and redeeming rewards – shoppers turn to Fetch when planning meals, heading to the grocery store and looking for fun new brands. The platform’s 12 million weekly users receive tailored offers based on the purchases they actively share with the app. Snapping receipts earns them Fetch points, the in-app currency that shoppers can exchange for popular gift cards. 

Combined with the already potent mix of personalized offers and communication touchpoints, Fetch Video takes this powerful performance marketing platform to a new level of visualization and engagement. 

Fetch Video Sales Funnel

Brand awareness is crucial to success, but marketers can struggle to ensure consistent, non-intrusive advertising experiences when activating on third-party platforms. This is particularly true for video ads, which are often more visually prominent and attention-grabbing than traditional banner or display ads.

With Fetch video, brand partners can seamlessly integrate creative into the platform, where hyper-engaged shoppers come specifically to interact with brands and products.

Fetch shoppers can now immerse themselves in captivating partner content, gaining a deep understanding of the values and stories behind the brands they love. Whether launching a new product or pushing a seasonal promotion, brand partners who use offer-focused videos in the Fetch app will leave a lasting impression, building awareness and forging unique connections with consumers.

Beyond brand awareness, Fetch Video is built to drive consideration and conversion. Fetch users come to the app to get rewarded for their spending. These videos are a springboard to engage users further, with high-value offers that are unlocked post-video engagement. 

Plus, Fetch Video taps into the same precise audience segmentation that drives dynamic offers. This ensures that users see videos for the brands they love–and the products they might like to try. The result? Higher conversion rates and a stronger audience relationship.

Fetch Video supercharges every part of the app

Fetch’s in-app video features will offer a range of formats and options designed to grab shopper attention while driving engagement.

Core Video

Core video is at the heart of this feature. This is a captivating, short-form video directly linked to an exclusive product offer. To unlock the offer, shoppers must watch the entire video. Fetch consumers can view core videos through a carousel preview or inside an offer details page. The core video provides a visually compelling experience that boosts brand visibility and offer redemption.

Fetch Video core video

Carousel Video Preview

This dynamic, looping teaser appears on Fetch’s “Discover” page and sparks shopper curiosity, providing a taste of the product offers that await inside the core video. It’s a strategic approach that engages users and leads them to explore more within the app. More time in the app means more offers to discover, and the carousel makes users aware of exclusive video offers.

Fetch Video carousel preview

Product Hero Video

This looping, product-focused video is found on the “Offer Details” page and keeps brand partners top of mind. It not only illustrates the offer but also introduces shoppers to the core video’s content. This engaging visual element drives customers toward offer redemption.

Fetch Video Product Hero Video

Pack Shot

Even photos can get the Fetch Video treatment. By adding movement to a compelling graphic, pack shots draw shoppers toward brand partner offers, enhancing visibility and improving offer redemption. 

Video feature offer tile

Fetch Video offers brands a more dynamic way to connect with an already hyper-engaged user base—no matter what stage of the funnel they’re in. Video offers drive real outcomes for brand partners, increasing brand awareness, engagement and conversion rates.

Discover how Fetch video can help your business achieve its goals. Reach out to the Fetch for Business team.

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