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Fetch user engagement was already world class. We made it better.

By Cass Balzer

August 23, 2023

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  • Fetch already had world-class user engagement – but recent innovations have brought more people into the app to scroll, snap and have fun with their favorite brands and products.
  • Since spring 2023, Fetch has seen an 11% lift in offer impressions, a 2% increase in offer redemptions and has improved upon several key engagement metrics, including user retention and open rate. These advancements are a direct result of our focus on enhancing the Fetch user experience, giving consumers more reasons to discover products, plan purchases, snap receipts – and get rewarded for every shopping trip.
  • The ever-improving Fetch platform also elevates the partner experience, allowing brands to see verified incremental results, create hyper-personalized campaigns and to be at the center of in-app social interactions and competitions.

Fetch user engagement and the partner experience have evolved, providing more opportunities for brands to provide value to their consumers. But with more sessions per user than the Starbucks app, better engagement than Snapchat and a daily active user base growing faster than Instagram, simply outperforming isn’t enough

We’re dedicated to making the best Fetch possible, creating an enhanced, more engaging app with improved user activity, a better partner experience and more moments for consumers to connect with each other and their favorite brands. Discovering the perfect product – and getting rewarded – keeps shoppers coming back. 

In early 2023, Fetch already had 4 million 5-star reviews and ranked within the top 10 shopping apps by downloads. But now, Fetch shoppers have more opportunities to discover, purchase and get rewarded for interacting with their favorite brands. And those new capabilities – including better offer visibility, personalized offer rankings and an in-app platform called Fetch Social – are working. 

From Good to Great: Exploring improved offer interactions 

Improving upon first-rate user engagement metrics wasn’t easy, but we made it happen. Now, shoppers have more reasons to open the app, engage with the platform, redeem offers and snap receipts. 

Fetch recently implemented improved offer visibility and a new ranking algorithm, which have shifted how consumers interact with brands on the app. Since launching, offer impressions have improved by 11%, and 2% more people are clicking on offers now than they were in early June. 

But beyond simply seeing offers, shoppers are also purchasing more partner products – and snapping those receipts. The number of active scanners – people who snap their receipts in the app – per seven days is trending upward, from 13% in early June to around 20% by late July. The number of active scanners in 31 days is also trending upward, from 32% to 36%. 

Phone screens displaying recent app updates

While these incremental changes may seem small, they offer a significant improvement to brand partners. The Fetch user base has several millions of enthusiastic and high-intent shoppers, which means that even a 2% uptick in offer redemptions can fuel a positive verified incremental return. 

How our world-class user engagement got better

Offer impressions and redemptions are just one piece of the user engagement puzzle. These figures are tied to more than in-app updates; they also rely on the quality and quantity of brand offers available in the app at any given time. But since implementing improvements to the app, other engagement metrics, like active users and open rate, are also on the rise. 

Since introducing an upgraded offer algorithm and Fetch Social features, user engagement has steadily improved – exactly in line with offer impression and redemption figures. Daily active users have increased by nearly 2.5% in just seven weeks, a remarkable achievement given that millions of shoppers use the app every day. Additionally, open rates have increased by nearly 3.5%, meaning that people are opening the app more often – either to find offers, interact with friends or snap receipts

What sets Fetch apart from other apps

Fetch connects brands with high-intent shoppers, providing a world-class user experience. In combining rewards, saving money and authentic interactions between brands and consumers, Fetch is able to maintain a highly engaged user base. 

In fact, the app has a better monthly-active-user-to-download ratio than top social apps, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. In other words: People who download the Fetch app are more likely to become monthly active users than these elite apps. Once shoppers enter the platform, they understand its value – not only as a way to get rewards, but as an opportunity to treat themselves, discover brands and try new products. 

MAU/Download Ratio

According to, Fetch also now boasts a better open rate than Amazon, DoorDash, Instacart, Uber Eats and Starbucks, and app user retention is better than SHEIN, Temu, Target and more. When people download the Fetch app, they tend to stick around.

MAU/Download Ratio Open Rate

But in addition to improving upon engagement, the Fetch consumer base is continuing to grow. The Fetch daily active user base is growing at a faster rate than Instagram’s, Snapchat’s, Facebook’s and Amazon’s.

DAU Growth
The Fetch daily active userbase is growing at a faster rate, relative to total users, than the top social and shopping apps.

With engagement, retention and usage on par with some of the world’s most elite platforms, Fetch can connect high-intent shoppers with America’s most beloved CPG brands, retailers and restaurants. Now more than ever, Fetch is the go-to app for exploring brands, uncovering premium products and receiving rewards. 

How brand partners benefit from partnering with Fetch 

The Fetch user base is spending more time in the app, seeing more offers and participating in more campaigns. For partners, this means improved offer impressions and redemptions. Over time, this can accomplish core business objectives: increased share of wallet, boosted household penetration, successful product launches, improved trip frequency, a stronger verified incremental return – and your brand in more hands. 

Improvements to the app extend beyond making a better user experience – they improve the brand partner experience. And that best-in-class methodology is verified by KPMG, and our attribution abilities have been recognized by Digiday and Fast Company.

With more people opening the Fetch app every day, brands have more opportunities for their offers to meet the right people at the right time. Our relentless pursuit of the perfect brand and shopper experience has paid off – and the best is yet to come. 


Cass Balzer

Cass Balzer is a Senior Content Marketing Manager at Fetch.

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