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Introducing Fetch 3.0: Enhancing user engagement and supercharging brand partners

By Cass Balzer

June 11, 2023

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  • Brand partners and offers take center stage in the all-new Fetch 3.0, which is easier to use and lightning fast.
  • More fun! Our best Fetch yet will improve consumer engagement and offer redemption through innovative new app features and experiences.
  • Brands will be supercharged in the hands of millions of happy consumers, driving more buying activity and larger purchases.



Recognized by the renowned app researchers at, the Fetch app leads the way in engagement, retention, and daily use, proving even more “sticky” than the Starbucks and DoorDash apps. With the all-new Fetch 3.0, we are poised to take consumer engagement to unprecedented levels.

Fetch 3.0, named for the version number on the latest release for both iOS and Android, has just launched, introducing a range of innovative features that enhance our consumers’ experience. Our best Fetch yet is designed to engage and excite our community of savvy shoppers and smart savers within the app. While they have fun, they deepen their engagement with our brand partners and their offers.

From the fully redesigned Brands Discover page to the brand-new Social experiences and celebrations, leading CPG, retail, and restaurant brands will be supercharged in the hands of millions of happy consumers, driving increased buying activity and larger purchases. With America’s #1 rewards app, leading brands can boost visit frequency among existing customers while attracting new ones to shop in-store or online.

With all these enticing new features, consumers will spend more time in the Fetch app, viewing offers, competing with friends, exploring new brands, snapping receipts, and getting rewarded—all without any discounting.

Easier to use and lightning fast, the Fetch 3.0 update also offers full Spanish support, allowing brands to connect with an even wider array of active households. Users will have more delightful and personal reasons to check the app daily and be introduced to the latest brands and products.

We recognize the importance of fostering one-to-one relationships between brands and consumers, all while delivering the greatest possible returns to our brand partners. While this suite of updates aims to improve the Fetch user experience, each feature supports a specific business objective. Whether for CPG, retail, or restaurant sectors, our goal is to enhance campaign performance for all brand partners.

What’s new in Fetch 3.0?

Fetch 3.0 features are designed to both improve the Fetch shopper experience and increase offer visibility and redemption. From an updated offer ranking algorithm to new in-app social competitions, Fetch users and brand partners alike benefit from this suite of enhancements.

Personalized offer ranking

Partner benefit: Verified incremental return

Fetch 3.0 For You Offers

A newly implemented ranking algorithm enables brand partners to maximize offer personalization and campaign performance. The improved algorithm taps into shoppers’ purchase history and buying patterns to deliver personalized rewards and relevant brand recommendations.

Improved offer visibility

Partner benefit: Offer redemptions

Fetch 3.0 Above-the-Fold Offers

The app update not only makes offers more personalized and relevant to shoppers’ interests – it makes those offers easier to discover. New above-the-fold offer tiles and a user-friendly navigation bar present users with point-earning opportunities from the moment they open the app.

Fetch Social

Partner benefit: Brand visibility and in-network redemption

Fetch 3.0 New Social Features

The newly expanded Fetch Social features enable users to meaningfully engage with each other and the brands they love. Now, the app’s 18 million monthly active users will be able to search for and add friends within the Fetch app, access an activity feed to see what friends are buying and participate in a competitive leaderboard to be the top point-earner of the month. The leaderboard also allows users to track and compete against their own personal records. These features further inspire offer redemption and Fetch brand partner loyalty amongst the app’s millions of active users.

More opportunities to delight and entertain

Partner benefit: Brand loyalty and love

A number of new additions aim to spark delight and entertain the Fetch community. New animations, a revamped camera feature, an improved eReceipt experience and more are all included in Fetch 3.0. These additions have an overarching goal: to encourage users to spend more time within the Fetch app, exploring all it has to offer – including your brand’s offers.

The Fetch app supports business objectives and partner KPIs 

These app updates represent Fetch’s unwavering commitment to providing the best experience for both shoppers and our brand partners. Happier, more engaged users mean more product visibility, greater offer redemptions and more opportunities to build brand love in a community of high-intent shoppers.

Is your brand ready to tap into all Fetch has to offer? Get in touch with the Fetch for Business team to ensure your brand is on the app revolutionizing the way people shop and dine.

We’re getting Fetch consumers excited too! Here’s a sneak preview video highlighting all of the snappy new features in Fetch 3.0:

Cass Balzer

Cass Balzer is a Senior Content Marketing Manager at Fetch.

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