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KPMG Validates Fetch Performance and Analytics: 3 Key Takeaways for Brand Partners

By Cass Balzer

June 8, 2023

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  • Fetch engaged KPMG to conduct an independent performance measurement assessment of the platform’s capabilities and methodologies.
  • After thorough review, KPMG was able to exactly replicate the outcomes Fetch reported to partners, verifying the validity and strength of the methodology.
  • KPMG’s sign-off on Fetch capabilities and methodologies signals that brand partners can be confident in the incremental business results the Fetch platform can deliver. 

Fetch is committed to delivering the best-possible results to our brand partners. But Fetch methodologies are novel, and until this point, we have assumed the task of evaluating our own capabilities. 

Fetch recently engaged KPMG, a global leader in data insights and professional services, to assess the processes and methods we use to measure partner campaign performance. 

The recent KPMG report documented and validated Fetch’s innovative approach to advertising. More specifically, the report confirms to brand partners that our methodologies are sound, in-app campaigns are effective and our analysis processes optimize outcomes. 

“Upon closer evaluation, the performance measurement methodology employed by Fetch is well founded,” the report states.

Read on for the key brand partner takeaways gleaned from the report.

1. Our targeting capabilities support campaign performance and revenue growth.

Fetch applies heuristic rules to identify users who are most likely to respond to offers. Leveraging historical, SKU-level purchase data across brands and stores, the platform allows partners to target the customers most likely to make a purchase.

Additionally, to observe effects of both in-app offers and Fetch Media advertising, the app applies multiple levels of holdout creation – with more partner-specific holdout layers to come. The platform’s massive user base ensures that partners can create small but representative control groups, maximizing the share of users eligible to receive an offer and therefore driving higher incremental revenue. 

According to KPMG, this combined approach to targeting Fetch shoppers in the app both incentivizes repeat purchases and increases customer engagement, resulting in improved campaign performance and incremental growth.

How Fetch Targets Audiences

2. The platform’s performance calculation and reporting maximizes campaign efficiency.

The KPMG report notes that the Fetch platform’s use of the randomized controlled trial approach (RCT) delivers accurate measurement of incremental performance. Fetch RCT holdout methodology helps brand partners control for external influences on purchase behavior, like inflation. 

Fetch also utilizes a metric called Verified Incremental, a cutting-edge measurement methodology, to analyze both ongoing and previous campaign performance. Fetch Verified Incremental is not a modeling technique, but rather an empirical analysis that involves collecting and analyzing real-world data to derive insights and draw conclusions. The methodology focuses on observed data and seeks to provide accurate and factual information without relying on modeling or extrapolation. 

Unlike prior measurement tools, like ROAS and iROAS, Fetch’s randomized controlled trial approach and Verified Incremental Return utilization allows the platform to provide transparent insights. This increases reporting accuracy and reliability, improves the ability for risk management and helps inform decision-making – all of which contribute to partners’ ability to maximize campaign efficiency.

Fetch VIR Explainer

3. Fetch’s offer design and implementation strengthens loyalty and minimizes customer churn.

KPMG confirms that Fetch offers effectively and efficiently meet partner goals, especially with regard to achieving a Verified Incremental Return. More specifically, offer tactics like customer retention, new customer acquisition and attracting competitive buyers allow brand partners to be specific in targeting and implementation. The report notes that Fetch can target outcomes and achieve specific KPIs with Fetch offer design choice. 

Because offers are tailored to meet specific KPIs and are served to precise audience segments, brand partners can maximize loyalty and encourage repeat purchasing. Fetch helps partners adjust audience targeting and offer criteria, driving sustained revenue growth and strengthening customer relationships.

Fetch Offer Design

What does this mean for Fetch brand partners?


KPMG’s comprehensive report affirms Fetch’s best-in-class capabilities, validating our ability to deliver incremental business results for brand partners across various verticals. With a diverse portfolio of over 650 brand partners in the CPG, restaurant, and retail sectors, Fetch has consistently demonstrated its effectiveness in driving incremental consumer behavior and achieving key performance indicators.

The platform empowers brand partners to increase market share, boost sales, incentivize repeat purchases, convert competitors’ customers, and drive foot traffic to specific stores and restaurants. With an impressive track record of helping renowned American brands achieve their business objectives, Fetch remains at the forefront of the adtech industry, pushing boundaries and setting new standards.

Experience the revolutionary power of the Fetch app—a closed-looped platform that actively drives active consumers to stores and restaurants. By effortlessly snapping their receipts, users verify their activities and unlock valuable rewards, all while contributing to a transparent ecosystem that enhances basket sizes and nurtures brand loyalty. Join Fetch today and witness the transformative impact it can have on your business.

Ready to tap into the verified power of the Fetch app? Get in touch with the Fetch for Business team today.

Cass Balzer

Cass Balzer is a Senior Content Marketing Manager at Fetch.

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