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How Fetch Play revolutionizes rewards for mobile gaming: Insights from Fetch and Gamesforum

By Cass Balzer

May 28, 2024

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Fetch is shaking up the mobile gaming and advertising landscape with Fetch Play, a pioneering platform integration that merges gameplay with tangible rewards. 

This innovative feature enhances user engagement, giving Fetch users more opportunities to live rewarded. And, crucially, Fetch Play is opening new doors for advertisers seeking to connect more meaningfully with consumers.

In a recent interview with Gamesforum, Fetch General Manager of Gaming Marc Bearman highlighted the unique capabilities of Fetch Play. As a game-discovery hub, Fetch Play allows users to accumulate Fetch Points, the platform’s in-app reward system, by playing their favorite games and exploring new ones, seamlessly blending entertainment with rewarding experiences. 

“[Fetch Play] breaks down the current, siloed approach [to rewards] and brings the concept of rewarded economies into a unified platform,” says Bearman. “Fetch Points act as the bridge between virtual-world actions and real-world value.”

A first-of-its-kind gaming experience

Maintaining player engagement is a critical challenge in the gaming industry, and Fetch Play is an effective solution. Users earn rewards at strategic points during their gameplay, encouraging continuous interaction and facilitating rapid game progression. 

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Fetch also provides the intelligence needed for long-term, incremental growth. “It will take a little experimentation to find the right CPI and reward balance to ensure that you see a healthy ROAS,” says Bearman. “But this is a process measured in weeks, not months. The upfront investment is minimal compared to the opportunity value.”

Fetch Play’s innovative approach promotes daily interaction and significantly enhances retention rates. Alongside adjoe, Fetch’s gaming partner, the platform is working to create avenues for lifelong engagement with mobile games. 

“This could be lifelong rewards, deeper integrations to allow users to directly connect their preferred rewards app to their favorite games, and a range of other innovative and novel ways to make this model a deeply integrated part of the user experience,” Bearman explains.

Rewards-for-gaming can enhance brand engagement

Companies partnering with Fetch can leverage Fetch Play’s growing popularity to introduce products to an actively engaged audience, gaining targeted exposure more effectively than traditional advertising methods provide. As Fetch Play expands, the platform will offer additional value for brands seeking innovative consumer engagement strategies, blending entertainment with rewards to enrich the user experience and amplify business impact.

Cass Balzer

Cass Balzer is a Senior Content Marketing Manager at Fetch.

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