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Fetch Introduces Rewards for Mobile Gaming

By Team Fetch

March 27, 2024

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Fetch Play, an entirely new rewards-for-gaming experience, marks the first of many pathways for brands to activate and engage consumers within the Fetch ecosystem

Fetch, America’s Rewards App, has partnered with mobile games connection platform adjoe to release Fetch Play, a rewards for mobile gaming integration that unlocks an entirely new way for users to earn Fetch Points through playing popular, free mobile games. With an extensive library of popular, top gaming titles to choose from across Android and iOS, users can rack up major Fetch Points through reaching milestones, completing in-game challenges, and more. A uniquely engaging type of rewards experience, Fetch Play taps into a growing interest in gaming and a hunger from users to boost their Fetch Points balance beyond snapping receipts.

This new gaming experience has quickly become a massively popular feature within the Fetch experience. Play-engaged users have already earned more than 10 billion Fetch Points – roughly equivalent to $10 million in gift cards – with the average engaged user racking up 6,700 Fetch Points since its launch. Beyond boosting engagement and generating significant value for consumers, Fetch Play is also driving user retention, with 85 percent of engaged users keeping up with weekly receipt scanning, 10 percentage points above nonplayers. 

“Fetch is America’s rewards app, and our vision is to create moments of joy throughout people’s days so they can live rewarded,” said Wes Schroll, CEO and Founder of Fetch. “Our journey started with rewarding consumers for what they buy and where they shop. Now, we’ve taken an exciting next step, in partnership with adjoe, by introducing Fetch Play, which rewards people for playing mobile games. Gaming presents a tremendous opportunity for us to bring joy to people during another moment in their day.”

Fetch Play empowers brands to form rich, meaningful connections with Fetch’s 11 million weekly users, evolving these relationships past transactional exchanges into something deeper, cementing lifelong purchasing habits. Helping to increase brand awareness and engagement, Fetch Play leverages in-game data to craft personalized offers and promotions within the gaming environment, providing new avenues for brands to reach consumers. As Fetch continues to broaden the Fetch Play experience, brand partners will eventually have the ability to integrate the new feature into existing campaigns and create dedicated initiatives to enhance consumer engagement during gameplay. The integration delivers measurable results for brands by increasing app open-rates by an impressive 5.42% month-over-month and boosting in-app engagement overall – meaning everyone’s a winner with Fetch Play.

“Consumer gaming is a $200 billion industry and represents massive untapped potential in advertising and increasing customer lifetime value,” says Jonas Thiemann, Managing Director at adjoe and CEO & Founder of adjoe parent company applike group. “We are excited to bring our games-centric solution to increase Fetch user loyalty and enhance the user experience for millions of Americans, all the while helping brands build familiarity and trust with consumers.”

Fetch has also hired Marc Bearman as General Manager of Fetch Play to lead efforts related to the feature. In this new role, Bearman will work with Thomas Yannopoulos – VP of Revenue, Americas at adjoe, who launched the partnership – to further support the rollout of Fetch Play’s core functionality, as well as explore new opportunities to enrich the user experience and opportunities for brands. 

Fetch Play is available in the Fetch app for both Android and iOS now.

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