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Exploring the Fetch app’s “stickiness”: How shoppers build buying habits with Fetch

By Cass Balzer

July 27, 2023

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  • Fetch is a uniquely captivating app. In terms of engagement, users treat it more like a social media app than a rewards platform.
  • Engaged shoppers spend a lot of time in the Fetch app, opening it every day, scrolling through offers, redeeming rewards and snapping receipts.
  • Brand partners who activate with Fetch can build personal relationships with this exceptionally engaged, high-intent group of shoppers – which can translate into a strong verified incremental return.

As America’s #1 rewards app, Fetch is a fun, useful and entertaining platform that captivates consumers long past the initial download. Our highly engaged user base, comprising wide-ranging people from various walks of life, receives real value when they use the app: They discover brands, redeem offers and get rewarded – all while competing with friends and having fun.

According to, a global leader in consumer and market insights, Fetch has the highest daily engagement in the Shopping category, with users treating it more like a social media app than a rewards platform. That’s because we give folks meaningful reasons to keep opening the app: valuable content, personalized experiences, a social integration and a habit-forming user experience. 

“It is very rare for a shopping app to rank well among the top social apps,” says Randy Nelson, Senior Director of Market Insights for

With countless opportunities to have fun while saving money, the Fetch app is a savvy shopper’s best friend – and an invaluable asset for brand partners. Here’s how those shoppers use Fetch, building buying habits with brand partner products in mind. 

Demystifying Fetch user engagement 

Apps with the highest engagement are typically those that users find to be the most fun, useful and interesting. Fetch achieves world-class engagement among shopping and rewards apps – but it also ranks among some of the world’s most popular social networking apps. According to, only platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and BeReal achieve daily engagement on Fetch’s scale.

Engagement among popular apps

Fetch “stickiness” ranks amidst Snapchat and Facebook because we provide tangible value to shoppers. The entertaining and practical app integrates seamlessly with consumer habits, bringing users through every step of the customer journey.

Engagement among top shopping apps

With engagement rates on par with the world’s most elite social media apps, Fetch helps brand partners establish relationships with an enthusiastic user base. And, with personalized rewards at scale, the platform supports repeat purchases, larger basket sizes and lifelong brand loyalty.

Who uses Fetch?

The Fetch app has millions of daily active users – more than Starbucks and Walgreens – and appeals to a range of demographics representative of the U.S. general population. Active scanners snap more than 27 receipts per month, providing insight into more than $152 billion in annualized retail sales. 

Fetch has more Daily Active Users than Walgreens, Starbucks, Uber Eats, Kroger and Instacart

Fetch is representative of the U.S. general population, which means that a few key demographics engage with the platform more than others. The Fetch app has more Generation Z and Millennials than Generation X and Baby Boomer users, as well as more female-identifying shoppers than male-identifying users. 

This high volume of younger users is an important advantage to brand partners. According to the Pew Research Center, younger people are more likely to engage with smartphone apps than other generations. Greater representation from Gen Z and Millennials in the Fetch app means more in-app engagement, product discovery and offer redemption. In other words: The Fetch app succeeds in capturing the attention of a uniquely engaged demographic that is highly coveted by brands across industries.

Additionally, because of Fetch’s large user base, demographic outliers don’t impair brand partner activations. In fact, because the Fetch audience is so large and engaged, brand partners can utilize a large swath of variables – purchase history, location, age and more – to precisely target audiences. 

How do shoppers use Fetch?

Fetch users have integrated the app into their lives and routines, using it habitually to plan meals, shop and discover new products. Here’s how Fetch shoppers use the app:

  • Planning: Meal planning and grocery shopping are a fact of life, but Fetch makes it easier – and more fun. Shoppers check the Fetch app while writing grocery lists and choosing meals for the week, identifying and seeking out the brands and products that reward the most points.
  • Discovering: Fetch does more than reward shoppers for regular grocery shopping. The tool is a great platform for discovering new brands and products – whether that shopper is a mom dealing with a picky toddler or a teenager looking for the next big snack trend. Many brand partners choose to launch new products and lines with Fetch because of the scale and engagement offers receive. 
  • Snapping: Fetch is a daily-use app, but many shoppers access the app multiple times per day. After discovering and purchasing their new favorite products, they return to the app to snap their receipt – and get their rewards. Each receipt earns Fetch points, the platform’s in-app currency, regardless of where the user shops. 
  • Redeeming: Once a shopper receives their Fetch points, they can redeem points for popular gift cards, merch, charitable donations, sweepstakes and more.

Fetch User Journey

Fetch shoppers stay in the app for around two minutes every time they open it, spending that time scrolling through personalized offers or snapping receipts. Importantly, Fetch users open the app more frequently than other popular shopping and rewards apps, including Uber Eats, Starbucks and Target. A true daily-use platform, Fetch gives users multiple reasons to engage with the app every day.

sessions per user

Fetch user engagement helps brands achieve core business objectives

The Fetch app connects brands directly to consumers, rewarding purchases and creating lifelong loyalty. In staying with shoppers from product discovery through purchase, the Fetch app injects brand awareness into every aspect of the buying journey. 

High user engagement fuels Fetch’s ability to change purchase behavior. Every day, millions of shoppers open the app to see brand partner offers, snap receipts and receive Fetch points. 

Our measurement methodology, verified by KPMG, confirms our ability to shift consumer behavior and accomplish brand partner objectives. With world-class user engagement and features that inspire daily use, the platform is an obvious choice for brands to achieve core business goals. 

With Fetch, users have countless opportunities to fall in love with their new favorite CPG product, restaurant or retailer – and brands have limitless potential to reach a high-intent and engaged audience. 

Ready to supercharge your brand? Get in touch with the Fetch for Business team today.

Cass Balzer

Cass Balzer is a Senior Content Marketing Manager at Fetch.

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