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With Fetch, Costco takes a cutting-edge approach to member acquisition

By Cass Balzer

October 22, 2023

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  • Costco came to Fetch to drive new-member acquisition amongst shoppers without existing Costco memberships.
  • For brands wanting to target new buyers, Fetch delivers on average a 16% household lift and a 13% weighted dollar lift – without sacrificing ROI. This ensures that campaigns, like Costco’s, can drive incrementality through a fun and engaging app.
  • Costco is serving up purchase-based offers on the Fetch app, encouraging shoppers to purchase premium memberships.

In a world with an overwhelming number of shopping options, even retail giants need to innovate to stay ahead. Costco, the membership-based club retailer, has amassed legions of devoted fans thanks to the brand’s commitment to quality and value. But even the best-loved retailers face a challenge when it comes to bringing new shoppers into their stores. 

Costco is tapping into Fetch, America’s No. 1 rewards app and leading consumer-engagement platform, to stay on the cutting-edge of retail. Fetch is powering this brand’s member-acquisition program, serving as Costco’s digital bridge to untapped markets. 

A recent meta analysis revealed that, on average, Fetch delivers a 16% household lift and a 13% weighted dollar lift for campaigns aimed at attracting new buyers and members – all with a positive Verified Incremental Return. Customer acquisition often comes at the expense of return on investment, but with Fetch, brands like Costco are driving incremental growth among new buyers – without sacrificing ROI. 

Costco is more than a name; it’s a trusted institution. But with consumer expectations evolving with the shifting digital landscape, even legacy brands need to invest in new technology to drive competitive results. With Fetch, Costco can leverage the most powerful audience targeting and marketing attribution engine available. The platform’s unique visibility into real-time consumer spending comes from the 11 million receipts snapped by Fetch shoppers every day. 

In targeting shoppers who are new to Costco, the brand created segments based on purchase behavior, then offered personalized incentives for their “Gold Star” and “Executive Member” plans. Shoppers who sign up for the “Gold Star” membership plan, then snap their receipt, receive a reward in the form of Fetch points. But those who opt for the premium “Executive Member” price tier receive twice as many points. Costco knows that higher point values can nudge potential members toward considering the premium membership – and with Fetch both Costco gold star membership receipts and Costco executive membership receipts have never been more valuable. 

For club retailers, member acquisition is essential to long-term growth. And with Fetch’s unique ability to tie in-app activations to tangible KPI shifts, Costco can feel confident in their campaign’s impact. A powerful omnichannel consumer-engagement platform, Fetch has next-gen targeting and attribution capabilities that have helped more than 1,000 brands drive incrementality. 

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Cass Balzer

Cass Balzer is a Senior Content Marketing Manager at Fetch.

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