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Verified Incremental from Fetch: A Superior Measurement Methodology

By Team Fetch

December 6, 2022

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Fetch, the #1 consumer engagement platform, is proud to introduce the most accurate methodology for measuring sales performance and marketing effectiveness. Verified Incremental connects the dots for brands, leveraging Fetch’s highly engaged, large-scale contingent of active users to confidently measure the impact of their Fetch campaigns on their business. With the most sophisticated methodology in the business, Verified Incremental delivers accurate, verified results.

For generations, marketers have been trying to answer one elusive question: “Did my ad work?” 

Until recently, many have argued that the best tools for measuring advertising effectiveness were MMM (media marketing mix), iROAS (incremental return on ad spend) or ROAS (return on ad spend)—but methodologies like these have always been fundamentally flawed and biased. What’s more, these methodologies lag, revealing campaign results year-over-year or quarter-over-quarter, which hamstrings marketing teams from effectively adjusting their strategies in real-time. The shortcomings of these measurement methodologies are further exacerbated by weaker available signals driven by privacy changes.

New technologies are finally emerging that can provide real-world attribution and precise measurement beyond anything available previously. Fetch is that solution. Our leading engagement app brings consumers and brands together to drive sales and traffic to stores, restaurants and online channels. To compete in an increasingly competitive market, brands must tap into platforms that invest in the ability to understand what the spend is doing for their business. 

Fetch’s Verified Incremental tracks precise ad performance using randomized holdouts and SKU-level data from receipts. It is a vast improvement over current standard measurement methodologies like ROAS and iROAS because Verified Incremental Return is calculated from verified transaction data: 2 billion receipts submitted annually by 17 million monthly active users.

Verified Incremental Return empowers brands to answer that age-old question “Did my ad work?” with confidence and clarity to make more informed, impactful business decisions.

Methodology Explained: Control and Exposed

Verified Incremental Return is the most accurate and scientifically rigorous method for measuring the impact of marketing on Fetch. Through the combination of randomized control and exposed groups, and SKU-level receipt data captured at scale, Fetch’s redefined marketing measurement gives our brand partners a leg up in the marketplace.

The control and exposed method with randomized control trials (RCT) is considered the gold standard of marketing measurement for incrementality. It’s similar to the way pharmaceutical trials are run. Two cohorts of consumers are randomly assigned to a treatment or control group. The treatment group receives the marketing (or in the case of pharmaceutical trials, the drug being studied), and the difference between those two groups is measured. The difference in spend between the two groups is the incremental lift in sales.

Improvements to the gold standard in marketing measurement

Because Fetch has billions of receipts from millions of users, Fetch can ensure that the randomized control and test groups exhibit the same behavior—they display similar purchase patterns, brand spend and category spend—as verified by transaction data.

Additionally, Fetch holdouts (control groups) are statistically significant and much larger than most entire syndicated panels. Other marketers that use a similar control and exposed approach are limited to only using demographic insights that users provide them or that they capture on their platform. For example, Amazon knows the information in their customers’ Prime profile and their order history on Amazon, but little about what their customers do outside of Amazon. 

Because Fetch observes behavior based on actual transactions, we can create more accurate groups that show the same behaviors. Assigning holdouts is mathematically rigorous and process-rigorous. It ensures the Verified Incremental Return only takes credit for what the Fetch campaign delivers to our brand partners.

Fetch uses randomized holdout groups and analysis of past purchasing behavior (transaction data from receipts) to remove bias and ensure the only difference between groups is exposure to the Fetch offer.

Everything is verified because Fetch has the receipts

Verified Incremental Return is based on actual purchase data, unlike other measurement methods that rely on data models. With Fetch, brands gain unparalleled, verified, insights into their marketing efforts. Brands can activate against the insights within the Fetch app to drive their businesses forward.

  • Fetch has the receipts. It all starts with the receipts. Fetch obtains physical and digital receipt data from all retailers.
  • Fetch has the signal. Millions of users, billions of receipts. Fetch’s scale of data can get to the SKU level and target consumers based on purchase behavior.
  • Fetch has the methodology. Fetch uses arithmetic calculations and observed receipt data to calculate and verify the actual impact of a campaign.
  • Fetch has the attribution. Sales are directly trackable because Fetch is a closed-loop environment and can understand the lifetime value of every engagement.

We have a lot of fun at Fetch, but we also take our processes seriously. We use the most rigorous approach possible and have clear attribution within our closed-loop platform. That’s why when we report on Verified Incremental Return, our brand partners know the exact impact. 

Brands who engage with consumers on Fetch gain clarity and confidence when they have the power to create behavior-based campaigns and every purchase is verified.

Are you ready to build stronger relationships with your consumers? Reach out to the Fetch for Business team today to learn more about becoming a brand partner.

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