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Supercharge new product launches with the Fetch App

By Team Fetch

March 6, 2023

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  • The Fetch app’s unique approach to launching new products saves brands significant time and resources while achieving – and often exceeding – intended outcomes.
  • Launching new products is logistically complicated – from finding a sampling vendor to choosing a trial strategy. This creates the need for a large investment with little promise of a strong return.
  • The Fetch platform’s approach to launching products keeps the full process within the app, injecting efficiency into an otherwise complicated procedure. Fetch also enables precise audience targeting, which ensures that samples and offers are delivered to a specific audience.

Seasoned marketers know that launching a new product requires a strategic marketing plan and an optimistic attitude. Enticing shoppers to buy something new demands extensive time, research and capital. 

The next step–measuring the campaign’s success—is just as important and challenging as the initial launch.  

That’s why more brands are debuting new products with the Fetch app, the leading omnichannel performance marketing platform. Fetch makes launching a new product–and measuring the success of that launch–fun and rewarding for shoppers and brands alike. 

Seventeen million Americans use the Fetch app every month: they snap and upload receipts whenever and wherever they shop, earning points for buying their favorite products and discovering something new—like your brand’s latest product. 

The Fetch Method

The Fetch method of launching new products is unique. Instead of offering discounts at the shelf or giving items away for free, Fetch awards consumers with post-purchase points within the app. 

Consumers love being rewarded for shopping, and brands benefit from launching products within the Fetch platform. When debuting a new product, most brands look to sampling vendors and coupons to drive shopper interest. While common, these approaches can be ineffective because they cannot target precise audiences. 

By contrast, the Fetch app provides a streamlined strategy, keeping product trial and launch within a single ecosystem. Plus, with more than 17 million monthly active users, the Fetch app’s unparalleled targeting capabilities ensure campaigns reach their intended audience. This makes launching a new item faster and more cost-efficient. 

As a daily-use app, Fetch is also able to drive the unit volume required to efficiently trial and launch a new item – sometimes within just a couple of days. Plus, precise audience targeting ensures sample products and incentives are delivered to the customers most likely to redeem. When the product launch is complete, brands can further incentivize repeat purchasing behavior with post-trial offers designed to engage shoppers. 

Fetch is a great way for shoppers to discover their new favorite products.

Ready to see how it works?

How top brands launch new products with the Fetch app

Step 1: Build Awareness

Capture consumers’ attention and pique interest with the in-app Fetch Carousel.

Every time consumers open the Fetch app, a fresh and engaging set of images invites them to explore new products, retailers, restaurants, limited-time offer items and more. Shoppers can tap the image to learn more, all within the app.

Special offer carousels are featured in the Fetch app

Introduce your new product – and associated rewards – with push notifications and event-based tools.

Compel the ideal audience to purchase products in-store with geo-targeted push notifications. Fetch users know they’ll get relevant offers at the right time and place. That’s why 71% of active users engage with Fetch marketing communications, which is an industry-leading level of engagement.

Use push notifications to drive awareness for new products.

Step 2: Drive Trial

Target the best-possible consumers in the app based on actual purchase behavior and product affinity information.

Launch in-app campaigns for dynamic audiences with precision by leveraging Fetch’s unprecedented signal into the actual, demonstrated purchasing habits of consumers.

Special offers help brands drive purchasing for new products.

Target store locations with greater product distribution to increase verified incremental sales.

Focus your advertising dollars where shoppers can find and purchase your new product, then track how much and how often customers spend. 

Step 3: Reward Repeat

Encourage repeat purchase behavior and drive habituation with Progress Bar offers.

Gamify repeat purchases by rewarding consumers when they meet spend thresholds. Set the bar higher each time to encourage continued loyalty and grow lifetime value.
Use a progress bar strategy to encourage repeat purchases.

Advance consumers from trialists to brand advocates with Digital Punch Card offers.

Product sampling and brand trial happen within the Fetch app, reducing cost and lead time. Thirty percent of Fetch trialists are entirely new category buyers, and as many as 1 in 2 trialists become repeat purchasers. 

Launching products with Fetch yields Verified Incremental Results

Recently, Popsicle®, Popeye’s and Topo Chico™ came to Fetch to debut products in crowded, highly competitive markets. By featuring new products on the Fetch app, these brands—and many more—increased awareness, drove trial and rewarded repeat purchasing behavior.

The next time you need to launch a product and drive verified purchases, reach out to the Fetch for Business Team. We’ll help you tap into the power of the Fetch app.

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