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Fetch 2023 Wrapped: See How Americans Spent This Year

By Team Fetch

December 4, 2023

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2023 is (nearly) a wrap! With everyone’s top music artists and songs for the year revealed, we rolled up our sleeves to get in on the fun with our first iteration of Fetch Wrapped. Our team took a closer look at the colossal amount of receipts consumers shared with us to see how Fetchers really shopped this year. 

At Fetch, we can glean real-time insights about shoppers’ purchasing behavior by analyzing the billions of receipts submitted through our industry-leading consumer engagement platform. Fetch’s 360-degree view into consumer purchasing is unmatched, spanning both online and in-person transactions across retailers, giving brand partners highly accurate information about how Americans are shopping and the ability to shift purchasing behaviors to align with their brands’ business objectives. 

Curious about what the power of the Fetch platform revealed for 2023? Take a peek for yourself!

Fetch users buy a lot of stuff

Our cutting-edge receipt-reading technology read 2.6 billion receipts this year and saw consumers buy 18 billion products. Users averaged seven items per receipt on average. That’s a whole lotta spending.

A year’s worth of rewards

Fetch Nation was awarded 242 billion points for the receipts they shared with us in 2023, and they cashed in on 7.4 million in reward redemptions. Now, that’s the gift of giving.

Where the scans happen

Users’ most scanned retailers included Walmart, Amazon, Target and Walgreens. That’s because Fetch has sight into spending behavior no matter where consumers shop, making the platform retail agnostic.

When it came to restaurants, those most scanned included a host of brands with notable rewards programs like McDonald’s, Chick-fil-A and Dunkin’ – proof that consumers are doubling their rewards and using those apps and Fetch in tandem.

Wrapping up 2023

This holiday season, we’re giving the gift of next-gen capabilities for audience targeting, marketing measurement and attribution. Fetch’s consumer engagement platform allows your brand to shift purchase behavior at scale with personalized media offers informed by consumer insights based on verified purchase data.

Forget your brand’s New Year resolution, how about your New Year marketing solution? Contact our Fetch for Business team to get started today.

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