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Fetch at IAB: Our top 4 takeaways on the future of advertising

By Team Fetch

February 6, 2024

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IAB’s Annual Leadership Meeting (ALM) is where the best minds in marketing meet to dissect the advertising landscape, outline key priorities and hash out what the future holds. 

Last week, Fetch leaders flew to Marco Island, FL, to attend the Annual Leadership Meeting, convening with marketing leaders and soaking up the latest trends. This year’s conversations revolved around responsible media, innovations in commerce and the importance of authenticity. 

Here are our top takeaways.

1. “Right person, right message, right time” now needs a full-funnel solution 

Marketing’s age-old mantra still rings true – but the context has changed. Today, brands have powerful data-driven tools that allow greater precision and personalization at each stage of the customer journey. 

At IAB, advertisers emphasized brands’ need to get serious about establishing a presence on the full-funnel marketing platforms of the future. For example, retail media networks are booming, with channel spend estimated to surpass $100 billion by 2026. Retail-agnostic media networks (RAMPs) like Fetch are also stepping onto the stage, providing 360-degree visibility into consumer spending. 

In order to meaningfully engage an audience, brands need to get serious about tools that allow for precision and personalization. 

2. Standardized measurement is hard to find

Brands are still grappling with signal loss and its impact on measurement and attribution. In an era marked by information overload and increasing digital clutter, marketers recognize the critical importance of understanding campaign effectiveness. And, with nascent channels entering the mix, measurement standardization remains a challenge.

By shoring up data management strategies and working with partners who can provide true omnichannel attribution, brands can regain signal while remaining compliant amidst new and intensifying privacy regulations.

3. Privacy remains a top concern

Discussions also delved into the strategies and ethical considerations surrounding data collection and usage. Brands are keenly attuned to changing privacy regulations and shifting consumer sentiments, and they recognize that success in this new environment requires maintaining trust. 

From transparent first- and zero-party data practices to enhanced consent mechanisms, brands are focused on shoring up their marketing tech stack with privacy-compliant partnerships and developing strategies that strike the right balance between personalized marketing and privacy.

4. The power of authenticity

Today’s consumers seek more than products – they want meaningful experiences. IAB’s Annual Leadership Meeting showed that brands are continuing to prioritize initiatives that foster genuine connections. Whether through purpose-driven marketing, transparent communication or immersive brand experiences, the emphasis is on creating a sense of belonging and shared values.


IAB confirmed that this is a pivotal moment in advertising. With the end of third-party cookies finally upon us, embracing emerging trends like retail agnostic media platforms and zero-party purchase data will give brands a competitive advantage in the near- and the long-term future.

For that reason, finding partners that understand the changing digital landscape and evolving consumer demands should be a top priority in 2024.

Fetch helps build lifetime value by shifting purchase behavior forever. Millions of shoppers open the app daily to engage with their favorite products and discover new ones. This highly engaged audience comes to the app to engage with brands – not get distracted by them. 

Fetch transforms the receipts shoppers share into behavior-changing insights at scale. And since Fetch sees receipts from every kind of transaction, it’s the ultimate retail-agnostic media platform for CPG brands, restaurants and retailers.

Let’s work together to bring your brand into the future. Get in touch with the Fetch for Business team today.

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