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Embracing the Future: The power of retail-agnostic media platforms

By Team Fetch

November 28, 2023

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The digital advertising industry is undergoing a profound shift, leaving behind the era of third-party cookies and entering a new frontier of personalization driven by first- and zero-party data.

This shift is fueling the meteoric rise of Retail Media Networks (RMNs). Advertisers will spend more than $52 billion on RMNs in 2023, according to Statista, and McKinsey predicts the category will grow to over $100 billion by 2026.

RMNs are an attractive advertising solution because they offer brands the ability to leverage exclusive consumer data within their retail ecosystems, thereby facilitating hyper-targeted ad campaigns. But there’s a new marketing technology on the rise. Retail-Agnostic Media Platforms (RAMPs) serve as hubs to connect consumers with unlimited brands and retailers. These platforms allow brands to transcend the boundaries of individual retail ecosystems, creating holistic, data-driven advertising strategies to reach consumers with tailored messages – no matter where they are in the shopping journey. 

Retail media networks have long thrived within the confines of specific retailer ecosystems. But RAMPs, like Fetch, can enable brands to reach highly engaged audiences and achieve superior targeting and attribution through verified purchase data, all within a closed-loop platform.   

What is a retail-agnostic media platform?

RAMPs harness the power of first- and zero-party purchase data, allowing brands to curate personalized, non-intrusive advertising experiences that drive results while adhering to updated privacy regulations. These platforms enable brands to precisely target consumers based on individual purchase history, fostering a highly relevant and tailored approach to advertising. Some, like Fetch, leverage advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technology that turns purchase data into powerful predictive analytics. 

With a commitment to data-driven strategies, retail-agnostic media provides brands with invaluable insights into consumer behaviors and preferences. The technology’s privacy-centric approach strengthens the bond of trust between brands and consumers. The emphasis on data privacy not only fosters consumer confidence, but also cultivates a deeper, more meaningful brand-consumer relationship.


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Retail-agnostic platforms like Instacart, DoorDash, UberEats and Fetch are at the forefront of reshaping the advertising landscape. Serving as comprehensive product hubs, they provide real-time purchase data and national-scale engagement opportunities for brands. This enables them to forge meaningful connections with consumers across various touchpoints. 

How to build a seamless omnichannel experience 

The integration of retail-agnostic media empowers brands to bridge the gap between the digital and physical shopping realms. It offers consumers a streamlined and cohesive shopping journey. With advanced attribution models, brands gain valuable insights into consumer interactions, facilitating real-time optimizations and improved campaign performance. 

But, as with all marketing technology, not all retail-agnostic media are created equal. While scale is an important factor in tapping into the right tool, consumer engagement and enthusiasm for the platform should be the critical factor. This is where Fetch thrives.

RAMP Open Rate

As America’s No. 1 rewards app and the leading retail-agnostic media channel, Fetch outpaces the category in terms of open rate, sessions per user and retention. This means that Fetch shoppers open the app more often than DoorDash and Instacart. They use the app more times per week than Uber Eats and Postmates, and the Fetch app captures shopper interest longer than every platform in the category. 

RAMP Retention

As the leader in the retail-agnostic media space, Fetch attracts a diverse range of users actively seeking authentic brand content. The app’s iOS users access nearly 250 shopping apps, indicating that the Fetch consumer base is ready and poised for purchase. Their enthusiastic intent to spend highlights the specific value Fetch provides to brand partners. It reveals a brand-driven consumer mentality and an opportunity to gain insights into other platforms’ users while expanding brand partner market share.

The future of advertising is here, and it’s retail agnostic

Retail-agnostic media platforms are poised to become the next big players in advertising technology. Brands are continuing to prioritize consumer-centric strategies and meaningful engagement. By embracing these innovative platforms early on, brands can cultivate lasting relationships with their audience. This, in turn, will foster loyalty and trust in an ecosystem that values consumer privacy and satisfaction. This era of retail-agnostic advertising signifies a future of tailored and engaging advertising experiences. It’s poised to transform the way brands connect with their consumers. 

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