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With Fetch, Casey’s Gets a Slice of the Action on National Pizza Day

By Cass Balzer

February 8, 2023

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National Pizza Day on February 9 celebrates one of America’s favorite foods in all its forms: thin crust, Chicago-style, deep dish and anything in between. Everyone has their favorite pizza place, but at Fetch, Casey’s is front and center. 

Casey’s is the nation’s 3rd largest convenience store retailer with over 2,400 stores selling quality fuel, convenience groceries, household essentials and handmade pizzas. Partnering with Fetch, a performance marketing platform for the physical world, is helping Casey’s acquire new and re-engaged guests, increase brand awareness and drive verified incremental sales to accelerate growth. 

Casey's Pizza Day Customer

Casey’s attracts a range of shoppers – from folks just stopping for gas to brand loyalists hunting for a cult-favorite breakfast pizza. In delivering personalized offers via the Fetch platform, the brand has been able to acquire an impressive number of new pizza buyers and contribute to the growth of their whole-pie pizza business. With visibility into more than $1 billion of convenience spending data, Fetch supports Casey’s in crafting personalized offers designed to target data-driven audience segments. The result? A long-term incremental sales lift, proven growth in consumer loyalty and increases in both in-store trips and dollars spent per customer visit because now they were incentivized to purchase pizza and drinks while filling up on gas.

“Engaging our consumers is a top priority, whether they are in our store, our mobile app or the Fetch platform,” says Art Sebastian, Vice President of Omnichannel Marketing at Casey’s. “We want to meet them where they are with relevant offers and ways to stretch their dollars even further.” 

While known primarily for fuel and convenience grocery, the one-stop shop is the fifth-largest pizza chain in the U.S. By delivering whole-pie offers to a targeted audience, Fetch is driving Casey’s customers to discover – and purchase – the store’s beloved, made-from-scratch pizza. With 17 million monthly active users, Fetch delivers personalized offers at scale – a key tool for building brand loyalty amongst existing and prospective customers.   

With Fetch, Casey’s is able to tie pizza activations to broader business goals, making bigger promotional pushes based on purchasing trends observed within the app. Since working with Fetch, Casey’s has increased the number of new buyers, increased loyalty amongst their existing enthusiasts, and reengaged with lapsed shoppers. These actions further boost pizza sales by getting more shoppers in the door and then engaging them with specific pizza-buying offers on the Fetch platform, and within Casey’s own marketing efforts. 

“We are thrilled with the momentum we’ve created in the Fetch platform,” Sebastian explains. We are seeing more users purchasing from our stores and both frequency and transaction size continue to grow”.

With the Fetch platform’s support, brands like Casey’s are able to implement strategic promotions – digital punch card offers and multi-partner brand programs – and access custom reporting that provides insight into competitive shopping behavior.

Activating offers around micro holidays only makes sense when a brand can efficiently create rewards for audiences primed to purchase. The Fetch platform designs and activates campaigns that serve the best rewards to a target audience at the best-possible time. That’s the power of the nation’s leading omnichannel performance marketing platform. 


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Cass Balzer

Cass Balzer is a Senior Content Marketing Manager at Fetch.

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