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“Click to Brick” — Modern Retail Marketing Strategies and Omnichannel Solutions

By Team Fetch

February 16, 2023

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What is click-to-brick marketing?

Click-to-brick marketing is when brands and retailers use digital experiences to drive in-store traffic and sales to brick-and-mortar locations. It’s a strategy that has many names: click and mortar, omnichannel marketing, brick and click and “brick and mortar to click and order.” 

No matter what you call it, click-to-brick business strategy involves creating optimized digital experiences that influence in-store shopping habits. Using customer preferences and zero-party purchasing data, this blended marketing and advertising model allows brands and retailers to develop hyper-targeted campaigns with a higher chance of success.

Why and how are brands and retailers using click-to-brick strategies to drive traffic to stores? 

Click-to-brick marketing emphasizes creating an engaging, fun shopping experience. It also highlights the benefits of combining online and in-store product discovery. By driving online customers to check out specific deals they’re interested in at brick-and-mortar stores, retailers and brands can deepen loyalty and increase sales. 

Most companies invest significant time and funds in click-to-brick marketing strategies. For many, the cost and labor associated with standing up this effort can be prohibitive — even if it improves both revenue and customer loyalty.

Now, companies are turning to platforms like Fetch for turnkey click-to-brick marketing activations. Partnering with Fetch allows brands to build in-app consumer loyalty and drive customers into stores. Investing in a platform like this is a ready-made solution for a retail landscape increasingly relying on omnichannel shopping ability. 

Why blending a brick and mortar (offline) and digital (online) business model works for engaging today’s omnichannel shoppers

Today, shoppers value convenience, personalization and a seamless blend between digital and in-person shopping experiences. Here’s why a unified click-and-mortar strategy speaks to omnichannel shoppers.

1. Improves the overall shopping experience

For click-to-brick brands and retailers, connecting the digital with the physical world improves the shopping experience for every customer. Using a click-to-brick strategy helps customers find great value in products they enjoy exactly how, when and where they want.

2. Consolidate ad spend and increase conversions

By using a platform like Fetch and delivering personalized offers on the app, brands can reach shoppers in a new way. Based on verified purchase data scanned by over 17 million monthly active users, Fetch creates data-driven audiences. Brands can then activate in-app opportunities to target the shoppers who are most likely to convert. Combining data-driven insights with the ability to launch targeted, audience-specific campaigns in a single platform is an effective and cost-efficient way to drive verified incremental sales and repeat purchases.

Verified Incremental process

3. Caters to omnichannel shoppers

A click-to-brick approach supports the omnichannel customer journey. Customers discover new products and engage with brands both online and in-store. As a result, companies need to have a presence in both worlds to meet their customers where they are. Different people will have vastly different needs, so it’s beneficial for companies to offer a variety of product discovery channels. And customer expectations in retail change: the same person, on different days of the week, might prefer one store, brand or shopping center over the other.  

4. Boosts sales with strategic shopper engagement

Click-to-brick strategy can help boost sales by combining convenience with loyalty points and great service. Consider coffee shop loyalty apps, where customers use an app to purchase their coffee and treats online, then run into the store to pick it up without waiting. These apps also offer loyalty points, engaging shoppers and encouraging them to buy more often.

Brands are implementing click-to-brick marketing with intelligent, consumer-powered platforms

In 2023, there are countless new retail digital marketing strategies to try. Whether it’s a rewards app, a buzzy brand campaign or launching a whole new way to shop, companies have more ways to reach new audiences than ever before. For brands and companies interested in click-to-brick marketing, Fetch can help stand up the effort — and immediately start driving foot and sales traffic. 

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