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Black Friday Marketing Ideas: Boost revenue and drive volume

By Team Fetch

November 20, 2023

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In the competitive landscape of Black Friday marketing, brands often experience FOMO when observing successful campaigns. But achieving remarkable results is within reach for every product – provided they embrace the right strategies. 

The below Black Friday marketing ideas are volume drivers designed to increase revenue and – with the right tools in hand – can help brands enter the new year in the black.

Black Friday marketing ideas

Not sure how to increase revenue with a Black Friday campaign? These ideas will help.

Deep discounting and flash sales

Tactics like this can create a surge of demand during a high-competition sales period. But this volume-driver tactic often leads to reduced profit margins, which could potentially devalue a brand over time. Finding a balance is essential to preserve both value and appeal.

Gamified promotions

Creating interactive games and challenges can foster customer participation. This can foster engagement and excitement in the lead up to the holiday sales period, but accurately attributing efforts to a lift in sales can be difficult.

Limited-quantity promotions

This approach generates a sense of urgency and can build a coveted brand image. However, this strategy can also cause disappointment due to missed opportunities, tarnishing the consumer’s shopping experience. It’s crucial to create excitement without alienating potential buyers.

Charity tie-ins

In recent years, we’ve seen a number of brands partnering with charitable organizations and pledging to donate a portion of Black Friday sales to a worthy cause. This appeals to a customers’ sense of social responsibility, encouraging them to support the brand. However, any sales increase or revenue lift is often negligible because of the pledge to donate a portion of proceeds.

Exclusive VIP offers

While exclusive offers for loyal customers can strengthen brand loyalty, it’s equally important to ensure that every customer feels valued. Fostering inclusivity and attracting a broader audience is the key to long-term brand loyalty.

How to increase revenue during the holiday sales period

Brands shouldn’t settle for mediocre results this Black Friday sales period. Fetch offers a comprehensive solution for businesses who want to make a lasting impact when Black Friday revenue is top of mind. 

Here’s how partnering with Fetch can redefine your Black Friday sales strategy:

  • A recent analysis of over 1,100 campaigns from 2023 that targeted existing buyers revealed that Fetch drives an average of 18% incremental sales lift.
  • That same analysis revealed that Fetch can persuade existing buyers to spend more on Fetch brands, encouraging an 8% lift in spend per buyer.
  • The platform can also encourage more households to make purchases, as reflected by a proven 9% average household lift for brands activating on the app.
  • A separate analysis of 1,000 2023 Fetch campaigns revealed that the platform delivers a 16% household lift and a 13% weighted dollar lift for campaigns designed to attract new buyers.

If your brand’s Black Friday campaign was less than stellar, consider how Fetch can play a role in elevating next year’s performance. Black Friday marketing ideas are a dime a dozen, but the Fetch app ensures a seamless experience for shoppers while optimizing marking strategy – during Black Friday and beyond – for long-term success. 

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