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The Fetch Fam

By Wes Schroll

July 9, 2021

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Let me tell you a little story about the early days of Fetch Rewards 🙂 Shortly after launching the app in 2017, our receipt-processing technology crashed. And I’m not talking about a brief outage — this was a total system failure. And it was broken for weeks. During that time, the entire team (myself included!) worked late every night, processing every single receipt. By hand. Shoppers waited weeks to get their Fetch Points. Can you imagine?

But we pushed through. We told our shoppers what was happening and how we were going to fix it. We wanted to make sure people knew this was a a company filled with people who wanted to build something awesome for them! And it blew us away how supportive everyone was. Not only did everyone keep submitting, but they wrote us words of encouragement. That’s when we started referring to you all as the Fetch Fam. Because that’s what it felt like – you were all there for us when we needed it.

Once we were back up and running, it was off to the races. Later in 2017, we hit 1 million total receipts. And the milestones kept coming: By 2019, we were clearing 375,000 receipts per day and passed 100 million total receipts. By 2020, more than 700 million receipts.

This week, we hit our biggest milestone yet, the Fetch Fam has officially snapped over 1 billion total receipts. That’s 1 billion times that we got to reward you with Fetch Points; 1 billion little moments of happiness. From the bottom of my heart and on behalf of the entire Fetch team, thank you to our Fetch Fam for making our app a part of your life. And here’s to the next billion!

Wes Schroll

Wes Schroll is the CEO & Founder at Fetch Rewards, and a serial entrepreneur, fundamentally rebuilding consumer-brand relationships to drive two-way value.

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