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Somewhat Mobile Podcast with Fetch CMO on Behavioral-Driven Acquisition

By Team Fetch

November 9, 2022

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Hear Birk Cooper, CMO of Fetch, on the Somewhat Mobile Podcast with Adam Blacker as they discuss behavioral-driven acquisition.

In the latest episode, Birk shares how he thinks about Fetch’s best users and how the company acquires more of them. The podcast episode dives into app store search, iterating on creatives, and pivoting quickly once Apple’s Tracking Transparency policies went into place, and what Fetch aims to deliver to both users and brands.

“We believe that if you create value for another company you should be rewarded for it,” Birk says.

Listen to Birk’s full episode below to learn more about how Fetch is growing and engaging its +17 million monthly active user base by using a behavioral-driven acquisition strategy instead of the industry norm, which is a demographic-fueled approach. This provides brands a better way of targeting and driving sales because it is based on actual behavior versus using look alike audiences.

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