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Introducing Fetch 3.0: Major App Update Unlocks New Social Features and More Personalization

By Team Fetch

June 13, 2023

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Fetch, America’s No. 1 rewards app and leading consumer-engagement platform, today announced a major product update that unlocks a suite of social features along with new backend tools to enhance personalization and a redesigned user interface that puts consumers at the center of the experience.  

Fetch 3.0, named for the version number on the latest release for both iOS and Android, the new-and-improved app represents an evolution in the rewards experience and a nod to the future of mobile commerce, omnichannel loyalty and brand-consumer engagement. These new features are aimed at nurturing its community of savvy shoppers and providing compelling opportunities to engage more deeply with the Fetch app, all while delivering little moments of joy for Fetch’s more than 18 million monthly active users. 

“We have a motto here at Fetch: If there’s something we can do to make things better for our users, we do it – even if it’s difficult. With this update, we’re continuing to elevate our product, and we’re tapping into an emerging space within mobile commerce by bringing the experience from solo to social,” says Wes Schroll, Fetch CEO and founder. “This is something completely new within the rewards space, and we’re so excited to share this experience with our users.” 

Previously in beta, the newly expanded social features include the ability to search for and add friends within the Fetch app, an activity feed where users can see which brands and purchases are earning their friends the most points and send reactions, and a leaderboard where friends can compete to be the top point-earner for the month. The leaderboard also allows users to track and compete against their own personal record. 

Results from the social beta show that the features are catching on and driving engagement – the percentage of Fetch users who use social features increased from 26.3 percent in January 2023 to nearly 50 percent today. These users also engage with the app more frequently, with monthly scan-return rates 4.4 percent higher than non-social Fetch users.

With 35 percent of its user base engaging with the app daily, Fetch is the “stickiest” app in the mobile shopping category, outperforming retail giants like Amazon, Target, Walgreens, CVS, and Kroger. Only a handful of elite apps achieve daily engagement at this scale – think Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat. Fetch is approaching this level, trailing just 11 percentage points behind Twitter. In fact, looking at a variety of engagement metrics, Fetch performs more like a social media app – and it’s the only loyalty app playing at this level. 

Fetch has also made several performance and design improvements, putting more value front and center for consumers. The redesigned “Discover” page improves visibility for brands and offers, adding a “For You” tab that curates the most relevant offers and allowing users to sort by recency, point value, and category. The new design also allows users to more easily track progress on offers that require multiple purchases. These changes will empower users to discover new brands, redeem more offers and earn even more rewards. 

Notably, the update includes a more powerful ranking algorithm, which draws from users’ actual purchase history to deliver relevant brand recommendations and personalized offers based on what consumers are actually buying. While other digital platforms rely on demographic data for targeted advertising, Fetch’s ability to tap into this zero-party purchase data gives brand partners a privacy-compliant way to achieve the highest level of personalization and campaign performance efficiency. 

“Brand marketers today are faced with the significant challenge of signal loss from the demise of third-party identifiers, which has led to online ads becoming less effective,” says Meredith Guerriero, Chief Operating Officer at Fetch. “With Fetch users submitting more than 11 million receipts every day, the platform is able to capture, in real time, item-level insight into individuals’ entire purchase history. Because of this, Fetch is uniquely positioned to solve the biggest problem facing the adtech industry today.”   

The most inclusive rewards platform ever created, Fetch is retailer agnostic – consumers can submit receipts from any store or restaurant, plus online transactions, and earn rewards regardless of what they purchased. This frictionless user experience has led to Fetch capturing more than $152 billion in retail sales annually, putting the platform on par with the nation’s top retailers. 


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