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Fetch CMO Birk Cooper on MarTech Podcast

By Team Fetch

December 22, 2022

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Birk Cooper, CMO of Fetch, chatted with the MarTech Podcast for a double header look at the efficacy of loyalty and rewards programs.

In this two-part podcast, Birk shares how rewards programs done right – like Fetch – are extremely powerful tools for brands looking to build relationships with consumers. In the first episode, Birk breaks down how Fetch’s scale allows for behavior-led targeting that helps marketers understand and shift consumer buying habits. Following, in episode two, he sheds light on the Fetch Price Index – the monthly report that offers an item-level view of shopper behavior and reveals underlying trends driving demand, pricing, and inflation – which offers valuable consumer insights for brands.

“Data by itself has no value. It’s what you do with it. And, Fetch offers the platform to activate and change that behavior long-term for your brand or retailer,” Birk notes on the podcast.

Listen to the episodes below for a deep dive on how, in a time when consumer purchase behavior is constantly shifting, brands can leverage Fetch to create meaningful, lasting customer connections.

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