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Faces of Fetch: Marissa Choy

By Team Fetch

March 10, 2022

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Faces of Fetch is a recurring series allowing you to get to know the team behind Fetch success.

Meet Marissa Choy, Senior Marketing Manager – Brand Strategy, who’s building and leading Fetch’s first B2B marketing strategy for acquiring new business and increasing the company’s presence in the industry.

Marissa, please tell us about you! What’s your background?

My marketing background spans a number of different pillars, from Event Marketing, Customer Marketing, Content Marketing, and Product Marketing. I also have experience in Public Relations and Crisis Management.

My fun background secret origin is that I used to work in large-scale event production, specifically music festivals. My first ever music festival I had to tell Chance The Rapper where the bathroom was!

Why Fetch? Why did you join the team that’s built America’s #1 Rewards app?

I love how Fetch focuses on rewarding people for their everyday behavior. There’s nothing a person needs to change about their lifestyle to start using Fetch, it’s easy and an added bonus. Fetch as a company is a collaborative environment that really encourages professional growth.

What do you do at Fetch? What’s a typical day like for you at Fetch?

Typical day for me is checking my planner for what tasks and projects need to get done, attending meetings over Zooms with different teams and individuals. On Friday I have a virtual happy hour with my team to just catch up with each other and relax.

How do you make a difference at Fetch?

It can be scary wanting to put forth your ideas, but here at Fetch, a new product feature, new campaign, new creative design can come from anyone. I work hard to observe what’s going on at the company and propose new ideas that will help us be more efficient and engaging.

To be an extraordinary Fetcher, what qualities does one need to have to be wildly successful?

You need to be excited to try new things, willing to learn, ready to cross-collaborate constantly, and have the confidence to build your career.

What inspires you at Fetch?  

I love hearing the user testimonial stories. We have users who use their gift cards to put their kids through school, support loved ones who can’t afford the additional expenses of their home lives, and to build new businesses.

Let’s talk about tips & tricks. As a Fetch employee (and insider expert), tell us about how you use the Fetch app.

I like to link my e-receipts because there’s always extra points there for receipts I forget about. I also like keeping my receipts organized in a basket on my counter so if I forget to scan right away I know there are receipts waiting.

What do you love about the app?

I like that I can get points back on brands I’ve always known and loved but also have tried new brands because they had offers going on in the app.

Do you remember your biggest points haul? How did you get it?

I’m a loyal Kodiak buyer and one day I bought 15 of their muffin cups and got something like 8,000 points? Best day ever.

How do you get people to use your referral code?

When I’m in social situations I’ll casually bring up Fetch and talk about it. I’ll show it to them on my phone and have them download it.

How do you use your Fetch?   

I like redeeming for Amazon gift cards to buy things for my home but also enjoy redeeming Chipotle gift cards for the nights I don’t feel like cooking.

What insider tips, tricks or hacks can you share with our Fetch Fam?

Don’t forget to scan your receipts because once they pass the 14 day mark they don’t count!


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