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Faces of Fetch: Jason Mann, Creative Director

By Team Fetch

February 18, 2022

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Faces of Fetch is a recurring series allowing you to get to know the team behind Fetch success.

Meet Jason Mann, Creative Director, our dignified and resourceful leader on the marketing team who oversees the creation and vision of the Fetch brand.

Jason, please tell us about you! What’s your background?

I’ve experienced a few different past lives. Before Fetch, I spent most of my time in advertising or marketing-related positions, including being in account management at some big agencies in Chicago. I eventually went back to school to focus on creative and brand building. Afterwards, I joined an agency and worked my way up from copywriter to creative director, working on accounts that included Citi Bank, Craftsman, Liberty Mutual, Kmart, Sears and numerous others.

Why Fetch? Why did you join the team that’s built America’s #1 Rewards app?

When I moved to Madison, Wisconsin, I freelanced for a year and then received a message from Fetch’s CMO to connect and have coffee. We met, and I was instantly sold on the opportunity to build a creative team.

What appealed to me was my belief in a company that truly put their customers first. We have a belief that everything we do should make the experience easy for shoppers, even if it’s hard for us – which I love.

What do you do at Fetch? What’s a typical day like for you at Fetch? 

I do my best to serve the incredibly talented, smart, and collaborative members of the creative team. Most importantly, I empower my team to ensure that they are generating content to help support the success of the Fetch brand in every possible way. Whether it’s connecting with our users, appealing to potential users, or supporting our B2B initiatives, providing elite content is what we strive for every day. And while the team is creating the amazing content, I do my best to help set them up for success and happiness.

How do you make a difference at Fetch?

I make a difference at Fetch by championing the work that my team does and supporting their great work. I’m extremely proud of the team we have built here, and facilitating effective and memorable creative content is really the name of the game.

To be an extraordinary Fetcher, what qualities does one need to have to be wildly successful?

Be collaborative. There are a lot of smart people here with a lot of great ideas.

Be transparent. We move fast and clear and honest communication is critical.

Be driven. We’re expected to take ownership, and not just let things happen around us. We encourage taking risks and pursuing bold ideas. Even when we fail, it’s an opportunity to learn. So continually trying new things means that we are more likely to land on the most effective solutions

What inspires you at Fetch?  

The level of care that everyone demonstrates. It truly feels like everyone is invested in the success of the company, because our success means our users are getting rewarded and partners are benefiting.  I’ve never been at a company where everyone is so all-in.

Let’s talk about tips & tricks. As a Fetch employee (and insider expert), tell us about how you use the Fetch app.

I use the app as inspiration to try new things. If I can earn points on a brand or product I’ve never tried, that’s a great nudge to give it a shot. And if there’s more points available with a Special Offer, even better.

What do you love about the app?

How simple it is to use and build into my routine. It’s intuitive and easy to navigate. And even if I don’t have much time to see what’s new, I can go from opening the app, to snapping a receipt to getting my points in about 10 seconds.

Do you remember your biggest points haul? How did you get it?

Great questions. I’m not 100% sure, but I know there were multiple Special Offers involved. I’m pretty sure Sargento Cheese was involved.

How do you use your Fetch?   

I save my points. I prefer to let the points accumulate, and then I cash them in for a treat for my family.

What insider tips, tricks or hacks can you share with our Fetch Fam?

Just check the app every day. There may be messages about new point-earning brands, new Special Offers available, opportunities to earn more points on referrals, and with the new social feature, now you can see how your friends are doing.

And what should a Fetcher avoid?

Don’t crumple your receipts. It makes it hard to capture them just right.


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