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Why America’s Most Iconic Brands Are Moving To Fetch

By Team Fetch

January 6, 2023

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The past six months have been a period of uncertainty for brands. With the looming threat of recession, as any marketer will tell you, marketing is always the first department to see tighter budgets and increased scrutiny. 

These situations push marketing teams to re-evaluate their spend and double down on the investments that have proven to make an impact. That’s where Fetch comes in.

The Fetch platform offers brands unprecedented signal into the actual, demonstrated purchasing habits of their customers, which can be leveraged through the Fetch app to truly influence future buying behavior. By offering consumers a fun, positive way to engage with the products and brands they love, and get rewarded for it, Fetch has established itself as a game-changing alternative for brands looking to break from the unreliability of traditional ad spends.

Let’s dig into why brands are moving away from the unreliability of traditional digital advertising channels and opting for the sound methodology and measurable success of the Fetch platform.

Moving Away From Less Effective Marketing Channels 

The long and the short of it is brands are losing signal. With updates to privacy rules impacting most major ad platforms, brands are no longer able to reliably track and target consumers in the same ways they have been. 

This loss of signal has also meant less consistent attribution and measurement of the efficacy of their ad spends. Brands are finding themselves in a position where their spends on popular channels such as Google, Facebook and Snapchat aren’t driving the measurable results they need to make a solid business case.

The inability to track and follow consumer engagement also extends to the physical world. Brands looking to uncover whether a shopper visited a store and purchased Pepsi and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, or a Whopper at Burger King are left in the dark without an engaged audience willing to share their purchase history.

Why Are Brands Choosing Fetch?

If you’ve checked out the Fetch Newsroom, you may have heard the news about how iconic American brands like General Mills, Mars Wrigley and Kimberly-Clark have come to the Fetch platform, bringing over 500 brands to consumers in the app. Additionally, PepsiCo, General Mills and Huggies have launched their loyalty programs within the Fetch app.

There are a number of reasons why leading brands are choosing Fetch: our measurement and methodology, our campaign agility and adaptability, and our ability to drive tangible results. More than anything, however, brands turn to Fetch for our engagement. 


With 17 million monthly active users and 10 million receipts submitted per day, Fetch is able to capture a game-changing amount of actionable data. Our reliable base of consumers and households within the Fetch app enables us to change consumer brand preferences and increase incremental sales by driving customers to stores, restaurants or online to seek out new products and experiences. Engaging with these audiences within the Fetch app creates long-term value by shifting buying behavior over time.

Because consumers are submitting on average 28 receipts per month, Fetch is able to achieve full attribution from verified customers in a consent-by-design framework. This leaves unreliable metrics skewed by duplicate accounts and bots out of the equation. Brands are given the confidence in knowing exactly who they’re reaching, and because Fetch functions through consumer-submitted data, brands are able to follow consumer behavior from click to brick, drawing clear correlations between advertising and purchases across channels.

At a time when brands are doing their best to spend wisely, focused consumer engagement platforms like Fetch can provide a valuable alternative to the loss of signal and reliable KPIs of ad networks and social platforms. We’re seeing proven success with some of the most iconic brands in America. Who will join us next?

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