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Fetch builds long-term connections between brands and consumers

By Team Fetch

November 20, 2023

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  • Fetch doesn’t just make shopping fun for customers; it provides a loyalty value exchange between brands and consumers.
  • This consumer-engagement platform has a hyper-engaged audience that finds real joy in shopping and saving on the app.
  • When brands work with Fetch, they’re working with a partner that’s actively improving the lives of everyday customers.

Fetch is all about making shopping fun for consumers – but it’s also about making a difference in their lives. In this season of gratitude, sharing the message of creating genuine connections and spreading joy.

When brands partner with Fetch, they’re not just driving short-term sales or clicks; they’re investing in long-term brand loyalty and customer engagement.

Why Fetch is a joy to engage with and work with

At Fetch, we recognize that brands care deeply about their shoppers. What sets Fetch apart from other adtech solutions is our commitment to caring about those shoppers, too. It’s all about creating a space where joy and genuine value intersect. 

When brands partner with Fetch, they’re choosing to work with a platform that shares their core values and is dedicated to impacting consumer lives. Here’s how we know it’s working:

  • #FetchTheList: Our annual back-to-school themed #FetchTheList campaign is about the joy of giving back. This is our way of supporting teachers as they prepare their classrooms for the new school year. Teachers share their wish lists, and Fetch awards points—a gesture that distributed an impressive 10 million points this past season.
  • Heartfelt customer testimonials: How do we know people love Fetch so much? They keep telling us they do. Fetch shoppers love to share their enthusiasm for the app, highlighting that they value the rewards they get, the ability to save with their favorite brands and the sense of belonging they get from the app’s community.
  • Loyalty value exchange: Fetch goes beyond traditional performance marketing platforms. We facilitate a loyalty value exchange, empowering brands to reward consumers for spending with them. Fetch connects brands with a hyper-engaged user base, delivering tailored offers to them that incentivize brand loyalty. Showing consumers your brand understands who they are and that you value their business is proof they need to believe your brand cares.

This giving season, we’re doubling down on our commitment to consumers. When brands join forces with Fetch, they become part of a movement beyond conventional shopping experiences. It’s about creating genuine value and joy for customers who deserve the best.

Join the joyful journey with Fetch

Whether you’re a brand seeking a platform that aligns with your values or a shopper yearning for a more meaningful shopping experience, Fetch delivers joy, gratitude and a genuine sense of connection. Together, let’s create the joy that shoppers genuinely deserve. Happy Thanksgiving!

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