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This season, SVEDKA rekindles connections with offers on Fetch

By Team Fetch

December 13, 2023

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  • This holiday season, premium brand SVEDKA Vodka wanted to rekindle connections with lapsed consumers while rewarding faithful customers for their loyalty.
  • Fetch is the best platform for brands to drive long-lasting behavioral change amongst shoppers. For brands wanting to target existing and lapsed buyers, Fetch delivers on average an 18% incremental sales lift, using personalized offers to persuade consumers to spend on Fetch brands. 
  • With the power of Fetch, SVEDKA crafted high-intent audience segments based on verified omnichannel purchase behavior–positioning the brand to achieve higher conversion rates and a more engaged customer base.

During the joyful celebration of the holiday season, SVEDKA Vodka is giving consumers the gift of rekindled connections and rewards for loyalty. Advertising spirits can be challenging, especially during the high-competition holiday season. But Fetch provides an industry-leading solution.

SVEDKA is tapping into Fetch, the nation’s No. 1 rewards app and leading retail-agnostic media network, to activate existing, lapsed and would-be shoppers this holiday season. As part of the brand’s strategic approach to digital innovation, SVEDKA teamed up with Fetch to reinvigorate their market presence, grabbing the attention of both loyal and wandering buyers with media they’ll respond to.

Each audience requires a unique approach and incentive structure. SVEDKA’s in-app strategy aims to reignite interest among shoppers who’ve wandered toward other spirits brands. With Fetch, SVEDKA can achieve targeted business objectives while simultaneously rewarding consumers to reinforce long-term loyalty.

Fetch is incredibly powerful when it comes to getting existing buyers to purchase more. On average, this type of campaign generates an 18% dollar lift while maintaining positive ROI. To move the needle, Fetch deploys personalized messaging to shoppers who had previously purchased the brand, offering a personalized incentive to reinforce loyalty and encourage repeat buying.


Fetch is also highly effective at helping brands acquire new customers efficiently. Because the platform captures the full scope of consumer spending, Fetch gives SVEDKA the ability to create hyper-specific segments of individuals who don’t typically purchase vodka — but could be converted if given the right incentive.

Beyond superior audience targeting, SVEDKA turned to Fetch because they were looking for a true omnichannel partner with the power to seamlessly connect digital advertising efforts with both online and offline purchase behavior. This can provide a complete picture of the customer journey and maximize the impact of brand campaigns.

Fetch’s ability to serve valuable offers to shoppers based on verified purchase behavior is more than a stocking stuffer. By identifying and categorizing lapsed buyers, brand switchers and dedicated SVEDKA consumers, Fetch gives this brand the power to tailor incentives to specific audience segments. This ensures a nuanced, effective and efficient outreach strategy. 

SVEDKA’s innovative Fetch strategy reflects a proactive response to evolving market dynamics. Fetch offers an invaluable toolset for brands seeking to replicate these tailored initiatives and cultivate brand loyalty. Reach out to the Fetch for Business team today to explore how your brand can deploy targeted campaigns.

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