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Fetch at the Snowflake Summit: Gaining clear signal with data clean rooms

By Cass Balzer

June 28, 2023

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This week, Fetch was selected to present at the Snowflake Summit 2023, an exciting event bringing together the biggest players in data innovation, advancement and collaboration. Jeff Lau, Fetch SVP of Go-to-Market Strategy, and Andrew Maturo, Fetch Director of Data, presented a session about establishing and strengthening relationships with consumers while respecting their privacy. 

Titled How Fetch brings brands closer to consumers in a privacy-respectful way with Data Clean Rooms, the discussion centered on how the Fetch platform’s use of Snowflake data clean rooms allow brands access to omnichannel visibility into consumer spending while establishing authentic relationships with consumers. 


How a data clean room enhances Fetch’s value to brand partners – and consumers 

Fetch brand partners have diverse needs. These brands need to improve attribution accuracy, explore anonymized shopper demographic information, understand the customer’s click-to-brick journey and predict potential campaign reach. In knowing how customers are interacting with brands, Fetch partners can create more attractive and meaningful personalized offers – all while meeting critical KPIs. 

But most strategies for data sharing and exploration are laborious, requiring daily support for data export, encryption and sorting. Sharing information externally can pose additional security risks. 

To address these challenges, Fetch collaborated with Snowflake to bring data clean rooms to brand partners. This solution simplifies partner data querying, protects users’ personally identifying information (PII) and eliminates the need for ongoing maintenance, file parsing, encryption, reliability checks and continuous collaboration between engineers and program managers. 

And, perhaps most importantly, data clean rooms enable brand partners to elevate advertising and campaign attribution with richer consumer profiles and personalized segment insights. With a data clean room, Fetch partners save time, improve campaign efficiency and serve the best-possible offers to shoppers. 

Establishing trust with the consumer

Snowflake’s data clean rooms empower Fetch to build analytics without ever revealing private user data. Fetch can easily yet securely share campaign information with brand partners, transforming how some of America’s most beloved brands approach consumer engagement. And, in knowing their PII is in trusted hands, shoppers can feel confident in both Fetch and the 550+ partners on the app.

With access to a Fetch data clean room, brand partners can create personalized and meaningful incentives to build authentic, long-lasting consumer relationships. Contact the Fetch for Business team to get started today.

Already a Fetch brand partner? Reach out to your Partner Development contact for more details about our data clean rooms.

Cass Balzer

Cass Balzer is a Senior Content Marketing Manager at Fetch.

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