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Fetch’s Snap into Summer campaign sparks joy – and brand success

By Cass Balzer

September 6, 2023

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Summer is the season of sunshine, relaxation, memories – and rewards. This past June, Fetch, America’s No. 1 rewards app, took that sentiment to heart with the “Snap into Summer” campaign. 

From June 1 until June 18, Fetch collaborated with powerhouse brands like PepsiCo and Mars Wrigley to amplify seasonal offer awareness, engagement and redemption. By supercharging the brands’ offers with high-impact Fetch Media placements, the campaign was designed to transform brand interactions into moments of joy, helping shoppers to embrace the season to the fullest.

Snap into Summer – and savings 

Fetch had clear objectives when designing the campaign: amplify offer awareness, drive user engagement, showcase the power of personalized offers and boost scanning behavior.

To measure the campaign’s success, Fetch observed overall offer redemption rate, the impact of top-tier Fetch Media placements on offer redemption and any changes to post-campaign scanning behavior. The app utilized various touchpoints, including in-app marketing, email campaigns, push notifications and social media, to engage users.

To drive results and precisely measure media impact, Fetch created two layers of targeting: offer level and campaign level. At the offer level, Fetch leveraged the vast database of verified purchase data to send personalized offers to specific audience segments. Each brand partner collaborated with Fetch to craft unique offers tailored to individual purchase behaviors. 

At the campaign level, Fetch employed targeted communication strategies based on users’ stages in their Fetch journey. New shoppers received informative, seasonally relevant messages, active users were encouraged to maximize rewards and lapsed users got a gentle nudge with a hint of FOMO.

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Fetch campaign results have an impact

The Fetch Snap into Summer campaign was a resounding success in a variety of areas:

  • Scanning behavior: As the number of offers increased in the app, so did scanning behavior. Even as offer availability decreased post-campaign, scanning behavior remained robust, showcasing sustained user engagement.
  • Partner offer-redemption rates: Top-tier Fetch Media placements played a pivotal role in Tier 1 partner’s 11% higher offer redemption rate compared to Tier 2 sponsors. The strategic media and marketing campaign ensured the right audience received the right message.
  • Offer redemption: The graph of offer redemptions during, pre and post-campaign speaks volumes. The campaign drove a substantial increase in redemptions during and after the event, proving its efficacy in promoting scanning and offer redemption. 

Snap into Summer was more than a marketing event – it was a celebration of summer, and the brands that help us make the most of the season. With creative touchpoints, personalized offers and an unwavering focus on engagement, Fetch turned a digital platform into a vibrant summer destination. 

Whether users were enjoying a cool Starry or relishing the fruity burst of Starburst candies, Snap into Summer brought the joy of the season right to shopper fingertips.

Cass Balzer

Cass Balzer is a Senior Content Marketing Manager at Fetch.

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