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How Fetch is Revolutionizing Point of Market Entry and Driving Lifetime Value for Brands

By Allison Geyer

June 14, 2024

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Calculating lifetime value requires a deep understanding of customer data across multiple touchpoints and over extended periods. Many brands struggle with the integration and interpretation of this data, especially if their systems are fragmented or outdated.

Fetch, America’s Rewards App, helps brands create lifelong consumer relationships with the power of Fetch Points. The full-funnel platform has transformed how brands connect with consumers – from the point of market entry and throughout the entire consumer journey – via hyper-personalized experiences and purchase-based offers.

With real-time visibility into $152 billion in consumer spending annually across all verticals, Fetch has been recognized for its powerful, data-driven approach to personalized advertising and for developing a measurement methodology that provides a “uniquely clear view” of campaign impact. In the era of declining signal from traditional data sources, Fetch’s innovative platform stands out by offering unparalleled insights and precision in targeting and attributing marketing effectiveness.


To demonstrate the platform’s power in driving initial and repeat purchases and to quantify the lifetime value of these customers, Fetch ran a 15-month longitudinal analysis observing the purchase behavior of 3.5 million new-to-category and new-to-brand buyers.

Looking at a diverse cohort of Fetch partner brands across multiple categories, the analysis compared the purchase behavior of consumers who were exposed to a specific brand on Fetch with a control group of users not exposed to the brand. The analysis sheds light on the specific impact of the brand’s presence within the Fetch app.

Key findings

Compared to a control group, users exposed to new brands in Fetch are 5-15% more likely to become first-time buyers. With sustained exposure to brands in Fetch, these new buyers are up to 40% more likely to repeat purchase.

Looking at overall sales, Fetch drove anywhere from 5-15% lift during the observation period. New brand-buyer acquisition campaigns on Fetch pay for themselves, with entrants delivering up to 3x their cost in incremental sales.


A full-funnel platform, Fetch is a powerful channel for identifying, reaching and converting first-time buyers. It is extremely effective at driving repeat purchases over time. With segmentation and attribution based on verified purchase behavior, brands can be confident that their campaigns are reaching the intended audience.

Fetch is also effective and efficient at delivering both overall sales lift and incremental return on investment. This is significant because new-buyer Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) is often higher than the revenue generated from their initial purchase.

What’s Next?

The Fetch team is working on a variety of strategic initiatives that will take partner success to the next level:

  • Optimizing Offer Structures: Leveraging our newly patented AI and ML technologies, Fetch helps brands conduct next-gen A/B testing to fine-tune offers for new buyer acquisition. This identifies the most effective strategies to attract new consumers efficiently.
  • Focusing on Down-funnel Actions: Implementing long-term consumer-engagement tactics that are cost-effective and efficient ensures that once buyers are acquired, they remain engaged. The lower cost of maintaining these relationships compared to acquiring new ones adds immense value.
  • Doubling Down on User Growth and Retention: Fetch’s ongoing investment in user growth and retention will remain pivotal. As users engage more with the platform, their interactions with brands increase, boosting their lifetime value.

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Allison Geyer

Allison, Director of Corporate Communications, is a contributor to the Fetch Blog.

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