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OREO Thins remains iconic yet innovative with offers on Fetch

By Team Fetch

October 9, 2023

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  • OREO came to Fetch to introduce new shoppers to the category and introduce brand enthusiasts to OREO Thins
  • Fetch is both America’s No. 1 rewards app and a powerful performance marketing tool, helping brands like OREO Thins drive incrementality through a fun and engaging app.
  • OREO Thins is serving up purchase-based offers on the Fetch app, encouraging shoppers to try the light, crispy treat.

When OREO Thins emerged on the snacking scene in 2015, they brought a whole new dimension to an iconic treat. A lighter, crispier version of the classic sandwich cookie, OREO Thins offers the same beloved taste with less crumble and more crunch.

The product was an immediate hit, particularly with small, 1-2 person households. But in a crowded market, how does a classic brand like OREO Thins continue to stand out?

OREO is the latest brand tapping into the power of Fetch to supercharge marketing efforts while building brand loyalty. As the nation’s No. 1 rewards app, Fetch has 12 million weekly active users. Fetch shoppers receive rewards every time they snap a receipt, regardless of where they like to shop. Brands like OREO tap into this omnichannel consumer-engagement platform to build loyalty and drive incrementality.

Fetch shoppers have spent more than $6M dollars on snack cookies this year – and with OREO’s brand recognition, they’re well-positioned for success. First, the brand is introducing new shoppers to the snack cookie category, capturing the attention of consumers who haven’t yet experienced the unique crispy texture of OREO Thins. Second, they’re increasing the buy rate amongst existing category shoppers, encouraging loyal customers to enjoy more of what they love. 

But what sets OREO Thins apart isn’t just their delicious cookies – it’s also their marketing approach. By utilizing Fetch, the brand has aligned their in-app program with a broader marketing theme. Thins’ “100% Snack Match” activation is based on the insight that OREO Thins is one of the few premium adult snacks that’s deemed “just right” by both people in a relationship. “100% Snack Match” is perfectly synchronized from in-store promotion to Fetch’s retailer-centric media, creating a cohesive message that resonates across all marketing channels. It’s not just about offering great cookies; it’s about creating an unforgettable brand experience.

Plus, OREO Thins doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to celebrating Halloween. By participating in the in-app Halloween campaign, the brand can increase their offers’ reach, impressions and redemptions. This strategic move can boost OREO Thins’ returns, ensuring that their investment yields tangible results. 

In a world where snacking choices abound, OREO Thins has found a recipe for success. By partnering with Fetch, the brand is making their mark in the snack cookie category. They’ve harnessed the power of customization, aligned their messaging and leveraged seasonal opportunities to drive success. OREO Thins isn’t just a lighter, crispier take on an iconic brand; it’s a symbol of innovation and success in the world of snacking.

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