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With Fetch, OLIPOP is finding a new audience

By Team Fetch

March 1, 2024

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  • OLIPOP, an emerging player in the health-conscious beverage category, crafts low-sugar soft drinks adored by Gen Z, Millennials and health enthusiasts alike. 
  • OLIPOP has a knack for spotting new ways of innovating – like working with Fetch. The majority of Fetch users are Millennials and Gen Z shoppers, making the platform an obvious fit for OLIPOP to meet its goals.
  • Fetch enables brands like OLIPOP to drive loyalty and improve customer lifetime value – all without sacrificing ROI. OLIPOP came to America’s rewards platform to reach new audiences and to make their product a household staple.

OLIPOP, a rising star in the better-for-you beverage market, came to Fetch to support their continued growth. The brand, which produces low-sugar soft drinks that are a hit amongst Gen Z, Millennials and health enthusiasts, wanted to increase units per buyer, and reach even more new shoppers – strategies crucial for achieving sustainable growth in a crowded beverage landscape.

OLIPOP is harnessing the power of Fetch, America’s No. 1 rewards app and leading consumer engagement platform, to gain a competitive edge. Millions of high-intent shoppers open the app daily to plan their shopping, discover new products and engage with brands. Shoppers get rewarded for every receipt snapped in the app, and Fetch transforms that purchase data into behavior-changing insights at scale.

A recent meta-analysis revealed that, on average, Fetch delivers 16% household lift and 13% weighted dollar lift for campaigns to attract new buyers. Acquiring new customers can often complicate return on investment, but with Fetch, brands like OLIPOP are finding a new audience without sacrificing ROI.

With the platform, OLIPOP is targeting shoppers who buy competing products, customers who usually purchase other relevant categories, and consumers who know and love OLIPOP products – but might be willing to buy a few more cans.

Many beverage enthusiasts – especially soda drinkers – already have strong connections to brands they’ve bought for years. This loyalty can create a near-impenetrable space, especially when newer and independent brands enter the market. However, OLIPOP knows that many consumers are considering their sugar intake and looking for delicious, everyday products that support their wellness. So OLIPOP turned to Fetch to help them stand out and create that lasting purchase behavior.

Olipop in the Fetch app

OLIPOP has a knack for spotting new ways of innovating their business. It’s what helped spark the idea for their beverage company – and it’s why they partnered with Fetch. The platform’s powerful targeting and attribution engine drives like-minded buyers to fall in love with brands for a lifetime.

In today’s competitive market, simply having a great product isn’t enough. Brands need to connect with consumers on a deeper level and incentivize loyalty. Data-driven marketing and personalized experiences are crucial for attracting new customers and fostering brand advocates. Strategic partnerships with platforms like Fetch can provide access to engaged audiences and valuable insights, fueling efficient and profitable growth.

Your brand has the potential to build long-term loyalty with Fetch, too. To get started, contact the Fetch for Business team today.

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