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Driving Shopper Engagement: How Albertsons optimizes performance marketing at scale with Fetch

By Nate Sousa

October 23, 2023

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Now more than ever, shoppers want to engage with brands that understand what’s important to them. But consumers don’t go out of their way to fit brands into their lives. It’s up to brands to take the lead. 

That’s precisely what Albertsons is doing with Fetch.

Fetch, America’s No. 1 rewards app and a leading consumer engagement platform, powers incremental growth for national brands like Albertsons—the second-largest grocery chain in North America. They have over 2,200 locations, with well-known brands like Safeway, Vons and Jewel-Osco under their umbrella. Fetch connects brands to shoppers, fostering relevant and meaningful interactions while driving consumers into stores as they plan weekly meals.

Fetch CEO Wes Schroll recently joined Albertsons VP of Loyalty and Personalization Manjari Mehrotra in a SmartBrief webinar to discuss how performance marketing can boost customer engagement, create brand loyalty and how Albertsons is tapping into the Fetch platform to power its marketing efforts.

How Fetch turns customer behavior into engaging offers

Consumers are spending an increasing portion of their lives on digital devices. They’re becoming more accustomed to tailored content, and they’re bringing that expectation to the physical world. Shoppers now expect brands to give them the same level of personalization in the store as they do online.

For instance, when a customer visits a department store, they may now anticipate receiving exclusive offers on a loyalty app for products that align with their past shopping behavior. This is similar to how online retailers engage consumers with curated selections based on an individual’s browsing and purchase history. This shift in consumer expectations reshapes how brands and retailers engage with their audience.

So, how can brands respond? By taking a consumer-first approach to marketing efforts. But with third-party cookie deprecation in full effect, understanding customer behavior and delivering relevant content while protecting privacy is becoming difficult.

Mehrotra explained that Albertsons is tackling this challenge by combining what they already know about their customers with real-time insights from Fetch’s omnichannel zero-party data. This helps inform their messaging and personalize offers on the Fetch app—resulting in an incremental lift.

“Where we saw success was combining our baseline, always-on advertising with some personalized, more tailored offers that were relevant to that specific customer,” Mehrotra noted. “Again, [shopper] needs are always expanding. Customers are always willing to try something new if it’s served in the right way.”

Albertsons in the app

Fetch provides the real-time attribution brands need 

At a time when marketing budgets are tight and quantifiable results are paramount, marketing attribution has never been more important. Using a combination of randomized control groups and SKU-level receipt data, Fetch provides accurate and timely measurement to brand partners like Albertsons. Unlike other measurement methods that rely on data models, Fetch measurement is based on actual purchase data.

This is where Albertsons sees the true value of Fetch. The platform can facilitate meaningful consumer interactions – but being able to prove behavior shifts is an invaluable asset to the retail giant.

“The Fetch team has been excellent at providing measurement. We’ve gotten holdouts for all of the testing that we’ve done. We’ve done long-term cohort analyses where we followed a group of customers and made sure their behavior was sustained, even when the offers were paused,” Mehrotra said. “A combination of both of those really helped us assess the true lift that we were able to drive.” As a grocery chain as big as Albertsons knows, the proof is in the pudding. 


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Nate Sousa

Nate Sousa is a Senior Content Writer at Fetch. He specializes in making martech understandable to everyone.

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