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With the Grow for Good campaign, General Mills drives social impact – and portfolio awareness

By Cass Balzer

July 21, 2023

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Brand values are an increasingly important factor in consumers’ buying decisions. Launching value-driven initiatives – and sharing those initiatives with high-intent consumers – is easier with Fetch.

General Mills partnered with Fetch to launch the Grow for Good campaign, a groundbreaking program that provided conscious consumers with the opportunity to discover and support the farmer-led movement for regenerative agriculture – all while enjoying their favorite General Mills brands. 

During the month of April, shoppers who spent a minimum of $35 on General Mills products – and snapped their receipt in the Fetch app – unlocked a new kind of reward. In addition to receiving 2,500 Fetch points, the platform’s in-app currency, shoppers received the ability to unlock 1,000 more by voting on a recipient for a charitable donation. 

With every receipt snapped, General Mills pledged to donate $5 to the shopper’s chosen organization. Consumers could choose between American Farmland Trust, the Rodale Institute, and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation  – a win-win-win for customers, General Mills and the environment.

When General Mills launched the campaign, their goal was to capture 50,000 consumer votes, culminating in a maximum donation of $250,000 across all four regenerative agriculture projects. The brand also aimed to leverage the in-app campaign to drive sales and units for General Mills’ diverse portfolio of brands during Earth Month. 

Grow for Good campaign

Grow for Good far exceeded expectations. With an astonishing 75,000 votes captured, General Mills surpassed their voting goal by an impressive 51 percent. The campaign also generated over $64 million in total sales, with 18 million units purchased by 4.5 million users.

With a value-driven tie-in, General Mills shoppers on the Fetch app had an additional incentive to buy a box of Cheerios, a bag of Totino’s pizza rolls or a box of Annie’s Macaroni and Cheese. But portfolio-style offers on the Fetch app also support shopper education. 

The Grow for Good campaign helped consumers discover that the organization behind their favorite macaroni and cheese also produces their favorite cereal. Cross-portfolio discovery can support incremental sales, increase buy rate and drive long-term brand loyalty. 

With Fetch, brands can do good while nurturing consumer loyalty. Is your brand ready to grow? Get in touch with the Fetch for Business team today.

Cass Balzer

Cass Balzer is a Senior Content Marketing Manager at Fetch.

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