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Groceryshop 2022: Conversations with our Brand Partners and Taking Them Further

By Selma Koita

October 31, 2022

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Fetch had a big presence at Groceryshop 2022 and connected with many of our amazing partners – Ali Serck from Casey’s, Jayme Janskey Beck from Unilever, and KC Glaser from General Mills. They all shared how Fetch has been a critical partner in delivering personalization and driving loyalty because it provides a more sophisticated way to understand consumer behavior across physical and digital channels unlike any other platform. Watch the video below to hear their takeaways.

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Selma Koita

Selma is a Director of Marketing at Fetch. She has a knack for brand strategy and finding brilliance in complex situations, which she has done for countless brands, both big and small, across a number of industries.

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