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How Fetch Social unlocks the power of social commerce

By Meredith Guerriero

August 23, 2023

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In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, staying ahead of the competition means understanding and harnessing the power of disruptive waves. For brand marketers, this means grasping the transformative potential of consumer-driven shifts – and adapting their strategies accordingly.

In an era of diminishing signal, brand marketers are seeking omnichannel solutions that can directly attribute KPI shifts to their marketing activations. Fetch fulfills this need, providing an avenue for brands to precisely target, shift, track and understand marketing effectiveness through direct purchase attribution. 

Fetch understands that the future of consumer engagement goes beyond the traditional transactional model. As consumers increasingly seek authenticity and trustworthiness, they turn to their peers and influencers for product recommendations and endorsements. Fetch is again at the forefront of addressing this need: introducing Fetch Social.

What’s included in Fetch Social?

Millions of people use Fetch to connect with their favorite brands. But what if Fetch users could also connect with each other? Fetch Social is a new in-app experience that provides the app’s community of highly engaged shoppers with the ability to stay connected with friends and family – and share in the joy of rewards. 

With Fetch Social, users can see which brands are earning their friends the most points, providing an avenue for social-driven product discovery. Users also compete on the leaderboard to become the top point-earner of the month, inspiring more offer impressions, higher redemptions and deeper levels of brand loyalty for Fetch partner brands.

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By engaging with each other’s posts through likes and comments, app users become micro-influencers for their favorite brands, endorsing the products, restaurants and retailers they love.

How Fetch Social supports brand activations

Fetch Social allows brands to bridge the gap between traditional influencers – people like Mr. Beast and Kylie Jenner – and the untapped potential of the other 99%. 

With Fetch Social, brands will eventually have the opportunity to reward consumers for advocating for their products and generating sales. By facilitating authentic connections between individuals and their trusted circles, Fetch is revolutionizing the social commerce landscape, enabling the sharing of experiences, recommendations and conversations about the products that matter most.

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The Fetch platform provides a symbiotic relationship between consumers and brands, where everyone can share in the value created by interacting with the app. As we continue to redefine the boundaries of social commerce, Fetch Social will empower consumers and brand partners alike, driving growth and shaping the future of consumer engagement. 

Through Fetch Social, we are unleashing the power of peer-to-peer influence in social commerce, forging a dynamic ecosystem where consumers, influencers and brands converge in a seamless journey of discovery and loyalty. Together with our brand partners, we can embrace the shift to consumer empowerment, revolutionizing the way we connect, engage and transact in the digital age.

Meredith Guerriero

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