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Fetch on Retail Remix Podcast: How General Mills Is Using Its Loyalty Program To Create Mutual Value

By Allison Geyer

December 6, 2022

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To achieve true loyalty, brands need to ensure they’re creating value for their customers. That value can be found in discounts, exclusive offers, access to unique products and experiences, and so much more. With an expansive portfolio of brands, General Mills wanted to think critically about what loyalty meant to its customers, and brainstorm unique ways to build and nurture this loyalty across the business.

KC Glaser, Senior Manager of Brand Experience – Loyalty & Rewards, embarked on a journey with his team at General Mills and tapped Fetch, the nation’s leading consumer-engagement platform, to launch the Good Rewards Loyalty Program. 

During this episode of Retail Remix, he’s joined by Anne Hill, Vice President, Partner Development at Fetch, as they dig into the journey and share how General Mills is:

  • Meeting customer needs with personalized and digital-first experiences;
  • Rewarding shoppers using helpful and relevant incentives; and
  • Make it easy (and fun) for consumers to save on groceries across all channels.

Allison Geyer

Allison, Director of Corporate Communications, is a contributor to the Fetch Blog.

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