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Fetch unveils new tools to supercharge brand partners

By Team Fetch

June 13, 2024

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Fetch, America’s Rewards App, is revolutionizing adtech. We empower consumers to live rewarded and enable brands to dominate the marketing funnel with proven solutions for acquisition, engagement and loyalty, all on one platform.

Fetch recently launched a suite of product enhancements to elevate the user experience and amplify brand partner success. These features introduce new, innovative ways for brands to connect with consumers, driving scalable, incremental growth. By leveraging the power of Fetch Points, brands can achieve virtually any KPI – now with even greater results. 

As we step into summer 2024, Fetch is excited to showcase initiatives already delivering game-changing results. Discover how these innovations fuel shopper delight and partner success, transforming brand-consumer connections for the better.

Fetch Shop: Expanding e-Commerce Opportunities

Fetch Shop is revolutionizing how consumers earn points for every transaction. Customers can now rack up Fetch Points when shopping with participating retailers. By visiting the new “Shop” page in the app, users can buy everything from groceries and apparel to travel and entertainment. Powered by Button, a third-party provider, this feature boosts ecommerce trips, drives traffic and improves conversions.

By providing another avenue for rewarded shopping, Fetch is driving engagement at every stage of the consumer journey. With more incentives to use the app daily, Fetch users have extra opportunities to interact with brands, discover new products and redeem Offers. 

Offers Nearby: Personalized, location-based engagement

The revamped Fetch app provides more earning opportunities and new ways for shoppers to discover relevant offers. The new Offers Nearby feature leverages user-engagement data to inform shoppers about relevant brands and offers based on location. . When consumers grant permission, Offers Nearby alerts Fetch users to the offers closest to their current location – no matter where they are. 

Offers Nearby helps brands reach more consumers by understanding their purchase intent and driving purposeful shopping trips, resulting in higher visibility and engagement. 

Point Boost: Rewarding loyalty and driving repeat purchases

Point Boost is designed to showcase brands and help consumers discover new products, offering partners increased visibility and engagement. Boost places featured brands front-and-center within the app, providing prime positioning and enhancing brand discoverability. 

This dynamic feature rewards shoppers for every dollar spent with a specific brand, encouraging repeat purchases and building lasting customer relationships. Consumers browse Boosted brands before shopping, then snap receipts once the transaction is complete. This feedback loop keeps brands top-of-mind and makes shoppers feel valued. 

Plus, when paired with Fetch Offers, Point Boost drives impressive results:

  • 4X iROAS on average 
  • 75% sales increase over 3 months
  • 2X higher sales lift when Boost is paired with limited-time offers 

With Boost, brands can create customized activations based on desired objectives – whether launching national campaigns for consistent engagement or crafting hyper-targeted offers to efficiently drive customer acquisition. 

Enhanced Receipt Snapping: Greater transparency and engagement

Rounding out the app’s top new features is a revamped receipt-snapping experience. The updated screen provides consumers with a clear breakdown of their point-earning activities. For brands awarding Fetch Points, this update improves awareness and encourages consumers to complete partially redeemed offers, fostering greater brand consideration and engagement. 

Similarly, Fetch has updated both the technology and user experience of uploading electronic receipts. Called eReceipts 2.0, this feature simplifies digital receipt submission by connecting to users’ online accounts with participating retailers. This feature automatically scans and notifies users when new receipts are ready to submit, ensuring that no Fetch Points go unclaimed. eReceipts 2.0 enhances user satisfaction and deepens relationships with brands. 

Fetch’s latest enhancements reflect the platform’s commitment to providing top-notch experiences for users and brand partners. When brands leverage these new features, they can effectively engage with consumers, drive improved results and build lasting customer relationships. Explore these new features to see how they can transform your brand’s engagement strategy with Fetch. 


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