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How ad agencies can connect clients to Fetch’s hyper-engaged user base

By Team Fetch

January 31, 2024

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Ad agencies are always looking for new ways to drive results for major brands.

Whether they’re trying to deliver more effective campaigns, prove out ROI or provide better consumer insights, smart media buyers stay ahead of the competition by finding the next big thing. That’s where Fetch comes in.

Fetch is a top consumer-engagement platform that works directly with both brands and ad agencies. The app helps agencies drive consumer behavior for clients with media and offers that shoppers actually want – ensuring a better user experience and industry-leading customer engagement.

Fetch helps agency media buyers keep their competitive edge sharp. This platform is the next big media staple–with the proven ability to strengthen buyers’ roles and deliver provable results to clients.

What is Fetch for ad agencies?

Millions of eager shoppers come to Fetch to decide what to buy and where to shop. Fetch rewards consumers with points, the platform’s currency, for snapping receipts in the app. They earn even more points when they shop with Fetch’s partner brands and redeem offers. Shoppers can exchange points for gift cards, merch, sweepstakes entries and other rewards. 

Fetch is a fast, easy and fun way for shoppers to earn more on every trip to the store, anywhere they shop.

And for ad agencies? Fetch is a powerful platform that uses verified, real-time purchase data from billions of receipts to target high-intent shoppers with personalized offers and messaging. Over 650 brands in the app work with Fetch to launch new products, shift purchase behavior, grow category share and more. 

Much like Facebook and Google, Fetch should be an always-on component in the media mix for buyers, offering consistent brand visibility and driving business objectives for agency clients.

Fetch top brands

How ad agencies can solve challenges with Fetch

So, what are the biggest challenges media buyers are up against? They include:

  • Getting the most ROI on ad spend
  • Creating engaging campaigns
  • Accessing high-quality client-facing data
  • Standing out to prospective brands

These hurdles can hinder agencies from getting ahead. But partnering with Fetch can help overcome them all. Here’s what’s possible when agencies bring their clients to Fetch:

Connect with a hyper-engaged user base

Fetch has 12 million weekly active shoppers, each visiting the platform more than six times per week. 75% of monthly users are also weekly users–more than Amazon, Target and Walmart. These dedicated shoppers consistently share purchases with the platform and are enthusiastic about getting rewarded for their loyalty.

This unparalleled level of engagement positions Fetch as an ideal platform for media buyers aiming to connect their clients with a highly motivated and responsive audience. 

Access a retail-agnostic media network

The Fetch platform offers access to a retail-agnostic media network on a massive scale–the largest consumer panel in the industry. Fetch allows buyers to see what shoppers buy across all retailers and restaurants, enabling them to reach a more diverse and receptive audience. This can open up a world of possibilities for marketing campaigns.

With comprehensive insights into what shoppers buy at every store, both brick-and-mortar and online, Fetch provides competitively unique insight and flexibility.

Fetch is retail-agnostic

Provide clear attribution and ROI

Even with flawless campaign execution, can’t always prove their efforts are working for a client. Fetch empowers media buyers to know precisely what lift they can attribute to activating on the platform. This includes physical-world attribution, which means buyers can track offline purchases with precision for their clients.

With precise data and analytics to track campaign performance and measure audience engagement with unparalleled accuracy, this level of transparency is a game-changer, enabling agencies to demonstrate the impact of their work to clients.

Enhancing agency contribution

Fetch helps improve both agency and their brand partners’ performance. Fetch works directly with agency partners to provide the insights, measurement and tools they need to deliver more value to brands without needing additional labor and headcount. That allows media buyers to simplify the process for brands so they can focus on their core business.

When buyers propose partnering with Fetch, they position themselves as forward-thinking strategists with an eye on the future of marketing.

The missing piece to an ad agency’s toolkit

Fetch is not just another partner for ad agencies—it’s the tool to unlock 1:1 marketing at scale. With a high-intent and engaged user base, retail-agnostic media network and physical-world attribution, the Fetch platform strengthens a media buyer’s ability to bridge the gap between brands and adtech. In an era where differentiation is vital, Fetch helps ad agencies thrive.

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