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A Fetch data clean room: Securely improve advertising effectiveness in a cookieless world

By Team Fetch

March 21, 2023

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The Challenge: Sharing data, especially PII, can be dangerous, difficult and time-consuming. 

The Fetch Solution: A Fetch data clean room, powered by Snowflake, prioritizes consumer privacy while improving in-app personalized offer targeting – despite industry-wide challenges to traditional tracking and measurement techniques.

In a cookieless and privacy-centered world, data clean rooms are essential to marketing teams’ operations. Fetch, America’s #1 rewards app and engagement platform, welcomes brands to join a Fetch data clean room to improve personalized offer targeting and accurately measure Fetch campaign results—all while maintaining user privacy to the highest degree. 

At Fetch, we believe in transparency for our brand partners. We also believe in privacy for the 17 million monthly users who entrust us with information gleaned from the 250+ million receipts they submit annually. These might seem like opposing values. But, with a data clean room, transparency and privacy can coexist

What is a data clean room and why is it necessary?

A data clean room is a secure platform that enables two or more parties to join and query datasets without either party exposing their underlying data. This enables collaboration while ensuring sensitive data isn’t moved or copied. 

For years, marketers have relied on imperfect data collection and sharing methods, like APIs and FTPs, to share information, or third-party cookies to track online activity. But as lawmakers enact legislation to protect consumer privacy, traditional tracking and measurement are becoming obsolete. 

Data clean rooms are a solution for brands and retailers to access and collaborate on data without resorting to list sharing. 

A Fetch data clean room is simple

Data clean rooms improve targeting, analytics and security

Data clean rooms improve advertising effectiveness without compromising consumer privacy.

Within a data clean room, Fetch creates queries and rules (templates) that brand partners use to search our data. All partners can collaborate with Fetch to customize these templates. 

A Fetch clean room creates a secure connection between Fetch data and brand partners’ data so the latter can run queries on matched information. 

For example, a brand partner could query what percentage of their user base matches the Fetch app audience. They can then break this out by variables like zip code and age. 

Data clean room analyses can also help brand partners to: 

  • Identity-match using customer phone numbers, email addresses and more
  • Improve attribution accuracy, without relying on third-party cookies
  • Enable personalized segment insights for advertising and campaign attribution
  • Explore anonymized individual shopper demographic information
  • Understand successful customer journeys from click to brick
  • Predict potential campaign reach

A Fetch data clean room can save hundreds of hours—and headaches

To streamline partner data querying on item-level receipt data and to protect users’ personally identifying information (PII), we collaborated with Snowflake, the leading data clean room provider. 

Fetch chose Snowflake for its unique ability to power distributed data clean rooms, which allow parties to maintain separate databases without needing to migrate, share or centralize data. 

With a Fetch clean room, each party controls their own data while allowing governed analytics with another party. By removing data feed issues, a Fetch data clean room can save partners hundreds of hours on ingestion and encryption. 

A data clean room eliminates the need for:

  • Ongoing site maintenance
  • CSV file parsing and encryption 
  • Site reliability checks 
  • Continuous collaboration between data engineers and a technical program manager (TPM) 

When brand partners need a data table stripped of PII, they can navigate to their Fetch clean room to query data. Snowflake also provides dedicated support for Fetch and our brand partners to ensure a streamlined experience. 

Setting up your Fetch data clean room

A data clean room between Fetch and a brand partner can take as little as two weeks to create, with pre-built queries and out-of-the-box functionality. 

Here’s how Fetch partners can get started:

1. Set up a data clean room through your Snowflake administrator. (Don’t have a Snowflake account? Fetch can support the creation of a secure sub-account, then transfer sole access and control of the account to you.)

2. Establish a Snowflake Private Data Exchange with Fetch

3. Configure secure sharing options to protect the data

4. Permit Fetch to add customized templates to the data clean room

5. Log into your account and submit a request to query data

6. Receive request approval and dive into the data 

Fetch takes consumer privacy seriously. Shoppers trust that the Fetch app will help them save money and have fun, but also keep their data private. 

We also take our partner brands’ success seriously. Our brand partners count on us when they launch products, engage with consumers and build loyalty. 

A Fetch data clean room helps us deliver the best, most secure experience for both brands and consumers alike: shoppers get more personalized offers, and partner brands get better incremental results.

Improve the match rate and security of your consumer data to gain transparency into your Fetch campaigns with a data clean room.

Contact the Fetch for Business team to get started today. Already a Fetch brand partner? Reach out to your Partner Development contact for more details.

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