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Fetch at Cannes Lions: Insights from the 2024 international festival of creativity

By Cass Balzer

June 17, 2024

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Welcome to Fetch’s coverage of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2024! As the week unfolds, we’ll be providing readers with updates and on-the-ground insights, straight from the French Riviera. 

Consider this space your front-row seat to speakers, panels, events and more. Bookmark the page, keep refreshing and get ready for an immersive journey into the world of marketing, advertising and creativity.

6/21/24 @ 4:25PM

What a whirlwind week on the French Riviera! We’ve thoroughly enjoyed the sessions, speakers and conversations had over the past few days. We can’t wait to see how this week’s activations help more consumers Live Rewarded.

Calvin's Coffee Truck


6/21/24 @ 12:10PM

CMOs in the Spotlight: General Mills, Sonos, Henkel 

Today’s CMOs must navigate a complex digital landscape, harness the power of data-driven insights, and foster authentic consumer relationships. This shift requires a deep understanding of technology, an ability to adapt to rapidly changing consumer behaviors, and a commitment to driving sustainable growth through innovative marketing strategies.

In the final “CMOs in the Spotlight” session of the 2024 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, executives from General Mills, Sonos and Henkel discussed the evolving role of the Chief Marketing Officer. General Mills Chief Brand and Disruptive Growth Officer Doug Martin, Conos Chief Marketing Officer Jordan Saxemard and Henkel Global Chief Marketing Officer of Laundry & Home Care Nuria Ribe shared insights on marketing investment priorities, measuring marketing value and the changing skill set required for future success.

The panel emphasized the importance of incremental growth and the need for CMOs to adapt to new challenges. They outlined strategies for communicating marketing’s value within their organizations and highlighted the increasing importance of data-driven decision-making. 


6/20/24 @ 4:45PM

Revamping Legacy Brands for Today’s Audience 

In a panel this afternoon, Kraft Heinz Chief Growth Officer Diana Frost shared insights on evolving a legacy brand in a modern market. She discussed how Heinz has remained beloved globally by tapping into its fans’ unique, irrational truths and maintaining a balance between global storytelling and local nuances.

Frost emphasized the importance of sparking a culture of consumer obsession and creativity across large organizations, explaining the importance of ambition and taking big swings. She detailed strategies for uncovering and harnessing the brand’s role within current culture. More specifically, Frost told the story of how Kraft Heinz’s “Kranch” product, which stemmed from a Taylor Swift sighting and viral tweet, was turned around in 24 hours. “A change in mindset is a change in belief,” she explained, highlighting the need for brands to have a focus on culture and double down on taking quick risks.

Kraft Heinz @ Cannes


6/20/24 @ 3:15PM

The Human Side of Growth 

Early this afternoon, PepsiCo’s Mark Kirkham and Mauro Porcini explored how legacy brands can stay true to their roots while adapting to changing consumer and cultural dynamics. The duo highlighted the importance of understanding the “whole human” to foster sustainable growth. Specifically, the panel discussed the Gatorade brand, sharing that the product created a new beverage category that solved a specific consumer problem.

Key insights included how using human-centric strategies can unlock creativity and enhance brand experiences. By focusing on human needs, PepsiCo drives authentic and engaging interactions. 

A longtime Fetch partner, PepsiCo leverages Fetch’s zero-party data to deepen its understanding of consumer preferences and behaviors. This partnership enables PepsiCo to create personalized, value-driven experiences that resonate with consumers, ensuring the brand remains relevant and engaging in a rapidly evolving market. This afternoon’s session showcased just how essential that type of personalization is to driving value in 2024.


6/20/24 @ 8:45AM

With just two days left of the Cannes Lions Festival of International Creativity, we wanted to honor our own creatives, who designed the best-looking suite this side of the Riviera! It has been an honor to host some of the finest folks in marketing and advertising in this beautiful space.

Seaview Suite


6/19/24 @ 12:15PM 

Creative Impact Unpacked: How Do Creativity, Media and Commerce Combine?

Late this morning, experts from Walmart, Fallon, Retail Media Works and WARC Media and Digital Commerce explored the convergence of creativity, media and commerce. Jill Toscano, Nikki Baker, Colin Lewis and Alex Brownsell discussed how evolving consumer behaviors are blurring traditional lines between brand-building and performance advertising.

The panel highlighted the impact of retail media networks on media planning, then questioned the relevance of the traditional purchase funnel. The panelists emphasized the need for brands to reimagine creativity in an always-on commerce environment, showcasing innovative approaches that integrate media and commerce seamlessly.


6/19/24 @ 9:25AM

Late yesterday afternoon, Fetch Head of Corporate Business Development Daniel Block appeared on a panel hosted by Snowflake. Alongside Magnite SVP of Strategic Partnerships Kristen Williams and Kinective Media by United Airlines Strategic Partnerships Director Khatidja Ajania, block discussed the importance of consumer privacy in laying the groundwork for the new era of advertising.

Daniel Block @ Snowflake


6/18/24 @ 4:42PM

Earlier this afternoon, Fetch GM of Food Anne Hill hosted a Brand Innovators fireside chat. Hill moderated a conversation with Gail Hollander, Chief Marketing Officer of The J.M. Smucker Company, and Erica Roberts, Chief Creative Officer at BBH.

Anne Hill at Brand Innovators


6/18/24 @ 4:30PM

Future Gazers: Gen Z in China, Viral Ads

This afternoon’s session, called “Future Gazers: Gen Z in China, Viral Ads,” offered an insightful look into the near future of marketing. Chris Chen, Chief Creative Officer at Dentsu Creative, shared the latest ideas and experiences from China’s Gen Z community, emphasizing how brands can forge meaningful connections with this influential demographic. Insights from Dentsu  highlighted how brands can understand and resonate with young consumers.

Jill Lyons, SVP of Creative Operations at Maximum Effort, provided a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process behind viral ads. She revealed the secrets that have propelled Maximum Effort, the creative engine behind Ryan Reynolds’ marketing success, to create ads that captivate and engage audiences.

The session explored the future of creative marketing, offering actionable insights and strategies to future-proof creative efforts. It stressed the importance of connecting with Gen Z and crafting viral content, resonating with the need to stay ahead in an ever-evolving industry.


6/18/24 @ 1:45PM

Is the Brand Era Really Dead? 

This afternoon’s “Is the Brand Era Really Dead?” session sparked an engaging debate on the future of branding. Marketing professor Marcus Collins and e.l.f. Beauty’s CMO Kory Marchisotto tackled Scott Galloway’s provocative claim that the “era of the brand” is over. The two argued that, while the marketing landscape is evolving, the notion that brands are obsolete is a mischaracterization.

This session dove into how brands can shift focus from “brand love” to “community facilitation” in order to stay agile in the face of cultural and consumer shifts. Using e.l.f. cosmetics as a case study, the speakers highlighted how thriving brands can harness cultural trends and scientific insights to succeed.

Collins’ and Marchisotto’s discussion underscored the importance of staying connected with consumers and adapting to change – principles that align closely with the innovative approaches seen in the marketing industry today.


6/18/2024 @ 8:45AM

Day two is already off to a fantastic start! Calvin’s Coffee Cart is available and ready to serve attendees their morning coffee. Stop by and say hello!


6/17/2024 @ 1:15PM

How to Win 2029

This afternoon’s session, titled “How to Win 2029,” offered a peek into the future of marketing. Led by Katrina Stirton-Dood and Alex Jenkins, both of Contagious, the session mapped out the trends set to shape culture, technology and innovation over the next five years. By examining these key forces, the speakers provided insights into the evolving marketing landscape, as well as the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. 

Highlighting some of the most creative and forward-thinking brands, this session showcased how harnessing emerging trends can position brands to thrive in 2029. The discussion emphasized the importance of staying ahead of the curve, leveraging authenticity and utilizing innovative adtech solutions to meet the demands of the future.

6/17/2024 @ 12:15PM

Real Lessons from Real Beauty

This morning’s session, “Real Lessons from Real Beauty,” dove into the lasting success of Dove’s iconic Campaign for Real Beauty, now celebrating its 20th anniversary. This campaign has blossomed into a $7.3 billion social movement – all thanks to Dove’s knack for telling real stories and building strong allyship.

The secret sauce? Authenticity. Dove Global Brand Director Pau Bartoli shared that by handling people’s stories with care and creating genuine connections, Dove has both sustained brand momentum and fostered a vibrant community built around its products. This session was a masterclass in the power of authentic marketing and how it can transform brands into beloved household names.

Cass Balzer

Cass Balzer is a Senior Content Marketing Manager at Fetch.

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