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Fetch at Commerceweek: The real value of retail media

By Team Fetch

March 5, 2024

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Retail media is reshaping the landscape of consumer engagement – and Fetch is making a huge impact on this fast-growing channel. 

Fetch SVP of Product Ayo Jimoh took center stage at the Adweek’s Commerceweek 2024 summit to discuss the emergence and power of retail media. Nneka Ude, VP of Strategy at Arc Worldwide, and Leah Wise, Shopper Marketing Team Lead at Unilever, joined him on the panel. 

The three industry leaders dove deep into the value that retail media networks – and retail agnostic media platforms (RAMPs) like Fetch – provide brands.

Retail media networks (RMNs) are among the industry’s fastest-growing ad channels. Brands are investing heavily to better engage consumers along the customer journey. Jimoh says retail media is attractive to advertisers because the channel helps marketing dollars go further in the post-cookie world.

“Retail media provides a rich landscape of data to connect with consumers when they’re at the highest [purchasing] intent,” Jimoh said. “[Fetch] sees receipts across each consumer’s wallets, which gives us a 360-degree view of each consumer’s shopping behavior across channels, including digital and in-store.”

Ayo at Commerceweek

According to Jimoh, access to retail-agnostic first- and zero-party transactional data also allows for better insights and greater creativity with audience segments. In addition to capturing SKU-level purchase data, Fetch’s proprietary, A.I.-powered receipt-scanning technology allows brands to leverage every kind of information that might appear on a receipt. 

For example, if a retailer has a plastic bag fee, when a shopper snaps a receipt, Fetch can see whether that consumer is likely to pay for plastic bags or bring a reusable option. With this information, a brand can create an audience segment of environmentally savvy and/or price-conscious shoppers.

This depth and breadth of data helps partners activate on the Fetch platform, but brands also have the option to supplement their own CRM tools. Fetch provides integrations that help brands build strong, purchase-based segments across their marketing mix, allowing for deeper personalization across channels.

“We use Fetch data to build audiences,” Ude said. “We use their transactional data to append our data to understand the nuances of different audiences so that we could message them effectively.”

The power of retail media is real, and brands are still figuring out how to harness it. Retail-agnostic media platforms like Fetch allow brands to curate personalized, non-intrusive advertising experiences across retailers that are optimized for each consumer touchpoint, driving lasting engagement and long-term results.

Want to learn more about the value retail media brings brands? Get in touch with the Fetch for Business team today.

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